Suggestion: Random encounters during sleep

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Suggestion: Random encounters during sleep

Post by Bandy » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:59 am

IMHO one the most 'immersive' hardcore play mods for Skyrim was 'Sleeping Encounters' (by the Sands of Time team) that generated random encounters during sleeping: http://www.nexusmods...m/mods/49307/?  No longer was safe sleep a given, and choosing where you slept was very important. The mod has MCM adjustable percentages to set for leveled encounters outdoors, in dungeons, inns, your home even... 

According to the mod author, it is a very "script light" mod running only when sleep is invoked.  Yes, obviously this would not involve a conversion, but if the basic mod logic itself could be ported to FO3/FONV/TTW it seems something like this would be ideal for more hardcore play to spice things up.  I can make meshes, UV maps and textures, but not this...

I've searched some, but have not found anything comparable for FO series that I am aware of.  Is there a mod to cause possible random encounters during sleep?

Posting this to hopefully generate discussion and plant a seed if anyone is interested.

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Author search for Sesom

Post by paragonskeep » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:30 pm

Author search for Sesom

If life is but a test, where's the damn answer key?!?!?

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Yes, Sesom is/was quite

Post by Bandy » Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:17 am

Yes, Sesom is/was quite active in community, 30 pages of posts/threads here. His 'WIP Special Random Encounters'  looks like a very fine project, but doesn't look like it was ever released...

Thank you, I now see his Nexus mod 'See you - Time for Bed NV'  which is more about ambient sleep features than random encounters that you can wake to interact with. 

However, it does include the "rare" possibility of out-and-out being killed without the chance to defend yourself. I think one player posted on his mod thread that they were killed 3 times.   Not my thing, to be killed in-game completely at random just to have to restart from last save. No thanks.

If anyone cares about this mod, a good post by Billy1969 in the mod thread may help you adapt it for your game.

...people who got CTD's with it I think the solution is simple, as it was in Fallout 3: before sleeping turn off your pipboy light else it would CTD in Fallout 3 also...

Also people complaining about some beds not working, that is normal, those are mod added beds, to make them compatible in Fallout 3 I had to change the playerbedscript to the see you sleep script for every one of those added mod beds, I guess it's the same in FNV, you can do that with FNVEdit. But beware some beds from mods have sometimes other scripts attached to it and those should remain unchanged, it was the case with the beds from the Terran Star Command mod in FO3, changing those would mess your game up badly...

EDIT: ... works perfectly and mod beds are even easier to adapt than in fallout 3. Since Vegas has hardcore mode built in, no need to change any scripts, all there is to it is to add the modded beds (found in the furniture menu in FNVEdit) and copy them to the FORMID List from See You sleep, easy peasy

Only thing I noticed is that you have to sleep more hours in the see you sleep mode vs the simple fade to black mode to get your sleep % back down to 0, I think it's due to the animation start and ending counting for passed time, generally you need to sleep 2-3 hours more now to get same result...



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Re: Suggestion: Random encounters during sleep

Post by minky » Wed May 22, 2019 7:31 am

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