TTW Bug Reports Thread

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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by Laclongquan » Sat Jul 08, 2023 1:10 pm

*Game Breaking Bug* @Risewild @Roybatty
After a long period in Pitt, back to DC we have certain factions' members being aggressive/non responsive to us.

Most obvious is The Regulators at their HQ, from the chief downward. Reilly ranger faction. Outcast faction. And Brotherhood faction.

They show their aggressive faces to us and not showing the E Talk option.

Game Breaking is that when I do Picking up the Trail, I cant talk to Elder Lyons at the Bailey along with Dr Li. He will move toward my position but not talking.

Suspicion is the Pitt's ending being the cause. I choose slave faction and killed Sandra and Ashur.

Does the scripts there put me as enemies of certain good faction or anything? That would be too funny and pro-slaver agenda.
Load order MO2
"0000","+","Larger Packs- Temporary Spawns TTW332"
"0001","+","Tale of Two Wastelands"
"0002","+","Intro Street Bus"
"0003","+","A Trail Of Crumbs"
"0004","+","A World of Pain for Fallout"
"0005","+","Another Interior Mod"
"0006","+","FNV TTW uniques look better"
"0007","+","AGE - Anchorage Gameplay Expansion TTW"
"0008","+","The Regulators TTW"
"0009","+","TTW Landscape Additions"
"0010","+","Big Town Extensions"
"0011","+","TTW location addition v1.3"
"0013","+","Farms of Capital Wasteland"
"0014","+","Claim the Mojave FNV"
"0015","+","Wasteland Gourmet"
"0016","+","2xHardcore needs sleep thirst hunger"
"0017","+","More Rads In Your Sass"
"0018","+","Caraveneers of the Capital Wasteland TTW"
"0019","+","ttw raider overlord"
"0020","+","Harder than you Beta (toughened enemies) 7-5"
"0021","+","F3 posters Bangos New Ad Posters replacer"
"0022","+","Convenient Crafting TTW332 v3"
"0023","+","F3 raider voice tweak-male01default-"
"0024","+","F3 raider voice tweak-FEMALE01default-PYTHON"
"0025","+","Wasteland Radio - All Music All the Time TTW"
"0026","+","TTW Radio Tenpenny"
"0027","+","Mysterious Broadcast Radio 80 track"
"0028","+","Mojave Music Radio Extended 85songs"
"0029","+","Agatha Radio"
"0030","+","Blues Radio"
"0031","+","Radio Script Runner v0.21 AllinOne TTW sound replacer"
"0032","+","20Gauge Shotgun of Love"
"0033","+","FNV TTW Fallout_4_Ranks_TTW322_v1"
"0034","+","TTW 3.3 Armored Wasteland"
"0035","+","Legendary NPCs and Weapons"
"0036","+","Ghoul Armor and Outfit Pack"
"0037","+","Ghoul Female Change into flesh AND wild ghoul replacement"
"0040","+","Harvestable Cave Fungus"
"0041","+","Immersive Sleep Encounters"
"0042","+","Pipboy Light Lantern Replacer"
"0043","+","Pre-War Cooking v1.2"
"0044","+","Souvenirs - Lite (Complete) from screenshot to loading screen"
"0045","+","UMI - Useful Misc Items 1.0"
"0046","+","BnB Body shaved medium nip"
"0047","+","NV Compat Skeleton to overwrite most skeleton mods"
"0048","+","Replacer pure animation TTW ver"
"0049","+","Type3BG TTW332 standard"
"0050","+","Replacer visual TTW"
"0051","+","Menace of War - Enclave Presence in DC TTW332 1.51b"
"0052","+","Special Encounters DC"
"0053","+","TTW animated terminal microfiche"
"0054","+","TTW minor addition v1.6"
"0055","+","Enemies of the waste quest mod v1.3 TTW"
"0056","+","Tougher barter"
"0058","+","DC 4K cursor icons"
"0059","+","The Pittsburgh Expansion Project - TTW Port v2.0b"
Using older saves, I can confirm that before the ending of Anchorage (aka the shooting in the vault) I can talk with Casdin just fine. It might, possible be, that I kill the Outcasts in there leaving alive only Olin and the old commander.

But I thought those outcast is another faction, coding-wise, than the outcast at Fort Independence. So even if we have trouble due to that firefight, why would Casdin mad at us?

EDIT: after long time messing with this bug, I think it's a problem of scripts running(or not) and/or AI packages. Certain NPC in certain faction are angry state at me, though not to the level of hostility. If stealthboy or stealth field is on, and stand up from behind them (so they wont have as much time to react as in front) we can talk to important NPC that way. Though after dialog over they get angry again.

EDITY EDIT: I tried another session with minimum of mods install (t3bg replacer, minor dialog fix...) And Garza/Alex/Daniel play a buggy package on me in Taft Tunnel, they keep insist on wait at the terminal that open outflow door. Even on the other tunnel, after Garza receive his stimpacks, he return to that spot~ prid and moveto doesnt do sheeeeeeeesh~
The last run I have to spend long hours babysitting these fuckers through the tunnels just so their package work okay~
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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by Drejan8989 » Tue Jul 18, 2023 4:54 pm

Finishing the end credits after completing 3's main quest line I can only load a save. Even if I select "continue", it just reloads my last save game :(

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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by henryman26 » Sun Jul 23, 2023 3:55 pm

Every vendor in new vegas either have the same cap limit or some might have less, not sure if this is a feature or vanilla bug but, I find it annoying, I'm level 27 as of now

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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Jul 27, 2023 5:07 am

That's part of the economy rebalance. You don't need 10000000 caps.

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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by Laclongquan » Fri Sep 08, 2023 3:42 pm

Bug or a misdesign of Harkness. @Risewild @RoyBatty

Harkness was, in F3 and 322, supposed to stand at bridge head to greet Lone Wanderer when they get over the bridge. Now he didnt. It seem he's now standing in the Bridge tower to go down and start doing his AI package when we get to RC the 1st time.

I think this is a misdesign. I was expecting Harkness' rough attitude when I get to RC the 1st time. I certainly didnt expect he doesnt stand there to greet me~
+++ And I dont think it's a bug from my end. I use a save of right outside of V101 the 1st day, coc rivetcityexterior08 just to check it, once is night time, another is 7AM~ Load order is minor fixing without anything mess with Harkness.

I am suggesting a reversion of his placement. Put his original/starting place at the bridge head, please~
After some time running around, I encounter Harkness at bridge head, possibly due to some AI package of his has him visit here. He open dialog with me from far, but I already met him before the dialog is simple.

I am thinking of a simple fix: put a trigger activator in the middle of the bridge, to run once. When going pass to trigger, teleport Harkness to the bridgehead, so his dialog can proceed normally.
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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by Laclongquan » Sat Sep 09, 2023 7:30 am

Drejan8989 wrote:
Tue Jul 18, 2023 4:54 pm
Finishing the end credits after completing 3's main quest line I can only load a save. Even if I select "continue", it just reloads my last save game :(
If you turn on Hardcore mode and choose to sacrifice self to turn on the Purifier, that's the end of the game: you are dead. This end is put up since at least 322 that I know of.
So either you choose Sarah or companion to do it. Or just turn off HC and do it.
As turn off HC mode (and on later in Broken Steel stage) has no punishment that I know off, this is what I did since 322.

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Re: TTW Bug Reports Thread

Post by Laclongquan » Fri Sep 15, 2023 7:27 am

Possibly serious economy balance breaker @Risewild @RoyBatty

Challenge Barter Town level 2 reward.

The first level reward BT seem to work fine. I think it work okay, and my game run mostly with Tougher barter mod (raise threshold with barter variable that make it cuthroat)

It is the second level reward that is OVERPOWERED!@#$%^& It ensure a 100% shop selling /player buying price (the 3rd level should come not very late). The shop buying/player selling price SEEMs to work okay for now.

I think the calculation for the entirely BT perks is applied not tough enough, in this case. EDIT: reduce Barter to 9- level and the 2nd lvl reward is still pretty high, though at least it's not 100% any more. And the 3rd level is still possible to not max it.

Anyway, this still seem possible to break economy balance by mid game, around 20-25 level.

Also, mind you, that's BT lvl2 alone. We are not talking about Primm's Nash's reward and Survival Guide quest reward for Rivet City merchant here. With them in addition, the breaking will be pushed forward to lvl 15-20
EDIT: with BT lvl3 coming that would break things even more. I see that 3.3.3 raise the bar of Barter Town challenge but that's not enough.
The actual fix of calculation I dont know. But a simpler fix of changing req 9 times the original threshold should delay this until late game or Broken Steel stage. Of course, that's excluding Zeta campaign.

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