Radios not working: more info

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Radios not working: more info

Post by VaultDweller101 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 6:56 am

Hello guys, I think I'm out of options on this problem:

Ever since I started the game in Capital Wasteland, I noticed the Enclave Radio wasn't working.

Then, I finished Waters of Life and got the Vault 101 Emergency Signal but no audio is playing, just like the Enclave Radio. GNR plays normally, but it's sort of bugged - it plays for a while then it stops, and only starts again with a Three Dog intro when I quicksave/quickload. Then plays for a while until it stops again.

The Outcast radio is also, now that I think about it, is bugged. It doesn't play initially, but plays once when I fast-travel someplace. The Alien broadcast is also bugged, as far as I remember we can hear aliens talking, but not in this game.

Then I began troubleshooting.

1. Disabled all of the mods I installed, the radios work normally.

2. Disabled them one by one but can't find the culprit. Logic tells me any one of these mods should be interfering with the radio.

3. Downloaded FNVEdit, can't make heads or tails of it despite watching the videos made by GamerPoets and a few others, and I hesitated to use the Quick Auto Clean because it might break the whole game, and honestly it was a miracle that I had TTW working in the first place.

This is the "load order" of mods I have:

1. Fallout NV
2. Dead Money
3. Honest Hearts
4. Old World Blues
5. Lonesome Road
6. Gun Runners' Arsenal
7. Fallout 3
8. Anchorage
9. The Pitt
10. Broken Steel
11. Point Lookout
12. Zeta
13. Caravan Pack
14. Classic Pack
15. Mercenary Pack
16. Tribal Pack
17. Tale of Two Wastelands
18. yupttw.esm
19. ST Robot Race v2
20. Weapons of the New Millenia & MTindle COMPLETE
21. Functional post game ending
22. Sortomatic v1_22
23. JSawyer Ultimate Edition
24. Mod configuration menu
25. Skill book checklist 2.0.3
26. Gear checklist 1.4.2
27. TTW_Spring mod
28. JIP Mini-Map
29. The weapon mod menu
30. JIP companions command & control
31. USS Hoodwink TTW 3.2
32. Weapons of the New Millenia & MTindle patch for TTW
33. Health rebalance V1.1
34. Mobile truck base TTW 3.2 - 1.0
35. JSawyer Ultimate Edition - TTW patch
36. The Falcon TTW with sortomatic
37. TTW_MiniHideout_KRAAG
38. APM crafting TTW
39. Project Nevada - Enhanced Vision

In a previous playthrough, the mod list was almost the same except I used a TTW-JSawyer patch by roybatty, where the radios worked normally, so the problem now might be with JSawyer Ultimate + its patch. Disabling it doesn't fix the radios though.

I looked around for similar problems, and there are 3 of them specifically talking about the 101 signal and Enclave radio not working and the solution is that a mod called FOOK is messing up certain radio stations, but I don't have that installed. Another "solution" involved (more of a discussion really) radio sound file types, and that may or may not have something to do with it, I got confused and did not understand much of that discussion.

I do apologize for not understanding modding in general, but please, will anyone help me identify & fix the problem?

Thank you.

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Re: Radios not working: more info

Post by VaultDweller101 » Fri Nov 26, 2021 11:16 am

For anyone looking for an answer, the radios began working normally after I disabled the Mobile truck base, Falcon, and the Submarine mods - along with their requirement "sortomatic," and falcon's requirement of "st robot" mod.

I don't know exactly which of these 5 mods are causing it, but that did it. Thank you.

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