TTW_NVSE.dll file needed

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TTW_NVSE.dll file needed

Post by hussamsoft » Fri Dec 11, 2020 7:57 pm

Hi guys,

Apologies if not posting in the right section.

I accidentally deleted this one file from the plugins folder in the NVSE folder and now it would be a hassle to reinstall fallout 3 and wait for the TTW installer to complete just to recover this file. I tried accessing the TTW installer files somehow but I could not find a way to do.

Could someone kindly upload this file and share it with me?

Thank you!

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Re: TTW_NVSE.dll file needed

Post by IAreBob » Sat Dec 12, 2020 7:50 am

So you mean to tell me not only did you delete the file but you also cleared out recycle bin?



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Re: TTW_NVSE.dll file needed

Post by RoyBatty » Mon Dec 14, 2020 12:12 am

ask someone on the discord

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