How to perform "The Method"

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How to perform "The Method"

Post by Risewild » Mon Apr 13, 2020 12:54 pm

Merge patches are outdated and can still create problems, so the preferred thing to do now is "The Method". Here is how you can use The Method to help your modded game to run better:

Skyrim Guide ... mods/25093

Abridged for New Vegas (You don't need and shouldn't use LOOT!)

  • start with just vanilla TTW load order and TTWYUP
  • create a mod group for all now installed files to get you to show 0 conflicts after running -veryquickshowconflicts
Then, for each mod you install repeat:
  • install mod
  • run -veryquickshowconflicts (will ONLY show conflicts caused by that new mod now)
  • look at conflicts to see if they can be fixed or minimized by changing load order (on the new mod or another), if yes, do so and then run -veryquickshowconflicts again
  • look at conflicts to see what needs to be patched (you can also check if any premade patches are available and install them).
  • after everything has been patched and you are sure everything that now shows as conflicts is false positives, create mod groups to hide them (again, small focused mod groups for particular conflicts between 2 mods, not one huge one for everything)
  • run -veryquickshowconflicts one last time to make sure you are back to 0 conflicts showing
  • repeat for next mod