How to uninstall TTW?

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How to uninstall TTW?

Post by tehbestevaa » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:08 am

I`ve tried using the mod, and it doesnt work for me, but that isnt my problem, i just wanna play new vegas modded, but whenever i try to start a game it opens with the fallout 3 intro and the screen is just white, i just want to know how to completely remove TTW from my game. The thing is though, ive uninstalled and re-installed fallout new vegas and it still isnt working.

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Re: How to uninstall TTW?

Post by Risewild » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:05 am

Uninstalling FNV will not remove the mods from it.

If you used a mod manager to install mods, you have to uninstall the mods using the same mod manager before you uninstall the game.

If you didn't install the mods using a mod manager, then you need to delete all the mod files that are in your FNV "Data" folder, since Steam (for example) doesn't remove any files from the game folders that it didn't install itself.

Even if you used a mod manager to install and uninstall mods, make sure there are no mod files remaining from your FNV "Data" directory.

In sum, after you uninstalled the mods and FNV, make sure there is nothing else remaining in your FNV game directory. If there is, delete it before you reinstall the game.

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