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Game Breaks

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:03 pm
by moni61
Super mod only I've had a problem since last night.
I have just started the game and it breaks off with an error message from Windos. It then reads almost only with Windows restart and ends with Taskmanger.
Changes since last successful save were some small Windowsupdates and the attempt Coito Ergo Sum TTW 3.3.2 to install what I have again deinslltaiert. check with Wrye Bush, Loot, DXDiag brought no results.
I would be happy about help
LG moni61

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had a call from Switzerland the day before yesterday from an old buddy from C64 who had become a programmer and was close to us yesterday. i had immediately addressed him about my problem, so he brought a USB stick with analysis programs. it took about 15 minutes then he had found a faulty script and immediately repaired. now it runs again .

LG Moni61

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