Installation time on 3.2

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Re: Installation time on 3.2

Post by Decker » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:49 am

IIRC, I got the full TTW 3 install done in something like 80 minutes, I've got an old 3rd generation Intel i5 3570K processor (quad core ivy bridge) and I installed from SSD to SSD. In addition to turning off antivirus scanner and auto-containment security features, I also set my firewall into Block All internet connections state for the duration to prevent any unwanted auto-updates/downloads from occurring during the install - If something relatively heavy resources-wise decides to auto-update itself during the install, that could slow down the process a lot.. However, even with slightly less powerful quad cores, I do not think the install should normally ever take multiple days, there must be something seriously wrong with your setup..

If a hard drive being used in the install is in particularly bad shape, seriously fragmented (not a problem with SSDs though), is an antique, or simply is on it's last legs, this can in some cases slow down read/write data rates down into a crawl (perhaps even down into few percent of the normal speed) - In that case it doesn't even matter what kind of processor you have, if the hard drive cannot keep up. SSDs with notably less than half empty do slow down just a bit, but this usually is not even noticeable (still way faster than any HDD).

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Re: Installation time on 3.2

Post by zilav » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:02 am

44k files is around the point when it starts converting mono radio mp3 files of Fallout 3 into stereo used in New Vegas. This is quite slow and always happens despite the ogg reencoding option.

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Re: Installation time on 3.2

Post by garvey » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:28 am

Ok finally got it installed and now the game loads to a pink/purple main menu with the music playing. The fix in the FAQ didn't work because it was already done. Any ideas what it could be?

Edit: eventually the main menu options load and after the intro movie it crashes

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