TTW breaks FNV

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TTW breaks FNV

Post by Satellites » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:03 am

I have looks around on Reddit forums and other places and I see no one else having this issue, my TTW installation and other mod installations go smoothly. Nothing is wrong and my game at the start of Fallout 3 is everything that it is supposed to be, then when I reach level 35 after beating EVERYTHING of Fallout 3, get to New Vegas, get companions and the Lucky 38 Suit, this is where my game completely gets destroyed, companions go missing and I have to use console commands to bring them back, then when I do the companion wheel crashes the game and the options aren't there. my PipBoy 3000 will not pop up the tab options, and it goes downhill from there, is there a fix to this? my mod load only contains obviously TTW, Solid Project, Project Nevada, BONED, Midwestern faction, NMC's Texture packs, EVE, Ojo Bueno's, 4gb, ani crash, stutter remover and all the essentials.

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Re: TTW breaks FNV

Post by RoyBatty » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:51 am

Stutter remover is broken, use New Vegas Tick Fix.

You're using several incompatible mods, check the incompatible mod list/guidelines.

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