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Tranquility Lane Exit Bug

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:42 pm
by Decals
I should know by know that this isn't a TTW issue. But it seemed that no one had a fix on the other websites I was browsing so I came here. And yes, I have read the thingy. So back to point.

Playing Fallout, progressing to Tranquility Lane, Chinese Failsafe and bam...I'm stuck as a child in the Tranquility Lounger. This happens when I exit Tranquility Lane by pressing the door when I finish the quest (Doing the Failsafe or being a Pint sized slasher makes no difference). And to my surprise, I spawn back as a child in the Lounger sitting just slightly lower on the seat.

I already figured that this was a Fallout 3 issue early on, and that the scripting is broken. I've tried disabling mods like FCO master and New Vegas Redesigned 3 as to my knowledge that you cannot progress this quest with custom races (I dunno FCO adds races so i thought it causes it). I also have a merged patch "Bashed Patch, 0" and disabled that too. Can't say i've tried everything but I have limited time and unable to invest countless hours into fixing this small yet frustrating problem.

I just want to finish the damned quest already. Not even the almighty console commands are working since the quest number/ missing parameter for TL (Tranquility Lane) is different from the one from FO3
Console Comands used:

-resetquest 14e8a (code to finish this quest normally in F03)
-completequest 14e8a (code to finish this quest normally in F03)
-tgm (ffs cuz why not)

I've also used this thing "" a mod that would give you specific instructions to finish the quest without turning into a child. But it turned much worse for me. Lounger wasn't closing when I placed my ass on it. Betty was invisible (i have an autosave while in TL). And no chinese people. Sad.
It's the "TL Fix.esp" in my load order.

System Specs:

- Win 7 Ultimate x64 bit
- i3 Intel Processor
- 4gb RAM

Oh. and one last thing... Fallout 3 GOTY Discs. And I'm new here. Nice to meet you all.

FCO is incompatible with TTW,

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:50 am
by RoyBatty

FCO is incompatible with TTW, it's explicitly stated so in the FAQ.

I've already unchecked FCO

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:34 pm
by Decals
I've already unchecked FCO and did the quest. And I'm still sitting as a child. I could do a fresh start again...but will it be a guarantee that this broken quest will not happen again once its unchecked?

Bugs with races only occur

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:59 am
by RoyBatty

Bugs with races only occur when using a race mod, you are lucky that you are not just stuck in the floor when using FCO. That is why it is stated so in the FAQ.

There is no guarantee any bug in the game will never occur, it's a Bethesda game and an Obsidian game, we can't work miracles.

I just meant the broken quest

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:00 pm
by Decals
I just meant the broken quest. And yes, you're right it IS a bethesda game what should i expect. The original Fallout 3 was more stable to be honest. Thanks for the reply (admin?)
Also, I wish there would be a converted version for the Upcoming NV Redesigned 4 (it comes with voice acting dracomies worked so hard on it.)