TTW versions 2.4 and up: Guide to How to Reach the Train Stations

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TTW versions 2.4 and up: Guide to How to Reach the Train Stations

Post by TrickyVein » Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:51 am

How do I get to the Mojave Wasteland?

FOR USERS WHO ARE FINDING THEIR WAY BLOCKED WITH RUBBLE: please download the plugin that is attached to the end of this post, which has been provided by our very own sesom. You may view his post here in the thread as well for more specific instructions on how to use it and where to place it in your load order. It goes last. Save BEFORE entering the metro after activating, then continue. 
Tale of Two Wastelands begins in the Capital Wasteland in much the same way as Fallout 3 does. You bear witness to your own birth and 19 years later escape Vault 101 to become The Lone Wanderer. At some point, however you've decided that it's time to grow up and to move out West. Dad's probably just fine, anyway. 
So how do you get there?
By taking the train, of course! All you need to do is reach Union Station which is in the middle of the supermutant-infested DC ruins. 

First, from The Mall make your way East towards the Capitol Building then North towards the National Archives. 

[collapsed title=Walking across The Mall][/collapsed]
[collapsed title=At the Archives][/collapsed]

Next, your destination is the Penn. Ave/The Mall Metro which is located behind the Archives. 

[collapsed title=Go there.][/collapsed]

Once inside the metro, continue straight down the hall and on to the elevated platform (mind the feral ghouls). Direct your gaze over the side of the platform to the right/East. You will notice that one of the train tunnels is free of rubble.

[collapsed title=Inside the metro][/collapsed]
[collapsed title=On the platform][/collapsed]
[collapsed title=Looking over the side][/collapsed]

To continue on to the station, take the exit at the end of the tunnel to Judiciary Square Metro (yes, this is a new area) which will lead you to a new DC mall area. With a little bit of exploration you will find the station building.

Additionally, here is an overhead composite map of the layout of The Mall with the Penn. Ave./The Mall dungeon highlighted in yellow.
[collapsed title=Overhead map][/collapsed]
Disclaimer! Like most places in DC, the station can be a very challenging or downright dangerous place for low-level characters.
How do I get back to the Capital Wasteland?

Things didn't really work out for you. Getting shot in the head was a real wake up call. It's made you realize some things and now it's time to pay a visit to the homestead. Could it be that train you took from DC to New Vegas all those years ago is still running?
It sure is! That old train station is still in Freeside where you first got off it all those years ago. Maybe you don't remember where it is on account of recent events having to do with your noggin. 

To get to the train, travel to Freeside North and head over to the Mormon Fort. 

[collapsed title=Standing at the corner][/collapsed]

Continue past the Mormon Fort, down the street and under the overpass.

[collapsed title=Looking at Kings controlled territory][/collapsed]

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You go inside the building

Post by NILLOC 916 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:30 am

You go inside the building and then when you have to complete a little quest to get underground to the metro tunnels.

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Oh my god. This new train

Post by Deathclawlove » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:19 am

Oh my god. This new train station should be an example of what some of you guys are capable of. It makes traveling between wastelands a much better experience. When I first came upon the new worldspace my jaw literally dropped (not "literally" literally, but it was amazing). Good job, from a long-time fan of all of your work.

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I just set foot out onto the

Post by Greslin » Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:41 am

I just set foot out onto the Mojave, after my first encounter with that train station.

Oh my god, guys.  This is amazing work.  I can't even imagine the number of hours that must have gone into Columbus and Union Station.  Bravo, seriously, bravo.

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So I installed 2.4a and

Post by Sooperspazz » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:15 pm

So I installed 2.4a and everything works great, except for one issue. I had a save with my character in New Vegas and decided to return to the capital wasteland to check out the new station. I bought a ticket, hit the switch, arrived in DC, and then I got stuck. All the doors to leave were inaccessible and my world map still said I was in New Vegas. I turned off all my other mods to see if that was the issue but I was still stuck. Any ideas?

Edit: I'm also pretty sure everything is installed properly since the TTW main menu comes up and the Fallout 3 starts when I begin a new game.

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This is a known issue, we are

Post by JaxFirehart » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:25 pm

This is a known issue, we are working on fixing it for now, just COC to springvale or something. We didn't account for people who were already in NV, so the station is locked from the other side for you.

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Ah well thanks for letting me

Post by Sooperspazz » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:31 pm

Ah well thanks for letting me know! I was afraid I'd have to install again! Also my apologies for posting twice!

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i got to enjoy Union Station

Post by freakydoo » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:36 pm

i got to enjoy Union Station free of spoilers, or advance notice. i have to say i am amazed, not only does it feel like part on the game but it's such a grand scale. Tricky, your amazing, i cant say enough about this structure or how it was implemented. i actually almost feel guilty that you allow me play this for free... almost. ;)

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So I hope everyone is able to

Post by TrickyVein » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:06 pm

So I hope everyone is able to find the new stations without trouble. It seems most people do. 

There are a few, however who for whatever reason feel that they need to ask if they should continue into the new Judiciary Square dungeon from Penn. Ave./The Mall in order to get there. 


It was not my intention to provide a walkthrough for how to get to the Mojave from DC. Fallout 3 is a game that requires a fair amount of player exploration and I would be loath to take that away from you. Columbus Circle should be seen as just any other location in downtown DC.

There is a second issue of users who discover that the tunnel from Penn. Ave./The Mall metro is blocked with rubble just like it is in the vanilla game. This is because if you are using an existing save from 2.2, these references will have been enabled instead of disabled by default. We want to ensure compatibility between older and newer versions of TTW whenever we can, so these references will - in addition to being disabled on startup - also be moved out of the way, completely with the next release of TTW. 

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Hello! I am really excited to

Post by Laotzume » Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:25 pm

I just realzed I posted in the wrong area. Sorry about that. I will repost in another section of the forums. You may delete this if need be.

Thank you!

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