Crash on game start (after working initially)

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Crash on game start (after working initially)

Post by Bob_Bobinson » Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:41 am

I followed the guide for TTW and the Survival Guide, got to the end, and managed to boot the game successfully (got to character creation, quit after you become a baby). But I wanted to change some settings, so I switched the boot path from TTW to Fallout Launcher (to disable vsync to get extra frames). Now when I go to boot the game (using TTW again), it crashes.

There's an open cmd log that displays:

//seemingly normal plugin, dll loading above
Registered form 14 for folder Mig_VATSmelee\H2H_Low_PowerFist
JSON: Loading animations for form 3400FDC6 in path Hit_SweetRevenge
Detected in-game form 3400FDC6 aaSweetRevenge Sweet Revenge
Loading animation path C:\**\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Meshes\AnimGroupOverride\Hit_SweetRevenge\_male...
AnimGroup 432 for form 3400FDC6 will be overridden with animation AnimGroupOverride\Hit_SweetRevenge\_male\1hpAttack5.kf
//lots of similar lines like this ^^^
Got a condition script, this animation will now only fire under this condition!
Loaded AnimGroupOverride in 1747 ms


1) How do I fix this without having to fresh install of everything again?

2) How do I change the settings safely without breaking the game?

Edit, things I have tried:

1) creating a new profile
2) resetting the inis

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