Question about installation

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Question about installation

Post by walv12 » Wed Feb 15, 2023 9:44 pm

Hello this is my first time installing TTW and I was watching GamerPoets' video on how to install TTW and after the first time he showed how to install TTW, for the folder of TTW he set the path to install TTW to common/Fallout New Vegas/Data and then after that he used the TTW installer to set the path for TTW to New Vegas Mods/mods/Tale of Two Wastelands folder. Which one am am I suppose to do? Do I do both or do the second one? I'm probably going to mod TTW

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Re: Question about installation

Post by RoyBatty » Tue Feb 28, 2023 4:09 am

The video is outdated, follow our guides that are linked on the download page.

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