Incorrect LOD for Point Lookout

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Incorrect LOD for Point Lookout

Post by Kaito0597 » Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:53 am

Hello everyone. I am having a strange issue where the I an LOD is appearing in the distance for a building that is not there. When I get close enough, it disappears. It's a bit distracting and I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. This is the first issue I am really noticing with TTW and was just checking to see if anyone else has come across it. I'll post a couple screenshots of the issue. I should probably also mention I am using the mods listed in "The Wasteland Survival Guide" modding guide located here: I haven't added any custom changes or mods to the load order. The LOD in question is right above the reticle in the first image.



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Re: Incorrect LOD for Point Lookout

Post by Bullfrog » Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:26 am

I think this may be caused by some texture mod that changes landscape LoD. For example, when using NMC texture pack, landscape LoD in DC is completely broken unless the file "textures\landscape\lod\wasteland\blocks\" is removed.

I see that in your setup you have a mod called "Improved LOD Noise Texture". You could deactivate it and see if it helps.

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