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Return of the prodigal daughter

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:46 am
by Laclongquan
Born and raised in v101, Maria was sent away on the last train to fabled Vegas.
Now years later with one extra bullet hole on her bedraggled head, she lost nearly every memory except your old dad note clutched in her comatose hand....

What to do, what to do

On the one hand, the old memory tug at her heart and make her wanting to move back "home".

On the other hand, there's a bucket of reasons for lil old fuddyduddy sending her on that clackety rattrap of a train across thousands of miles away from HOME. She knew that in her heart. Even if she dont remember any~

On the third hand... She remember good old Benny using HIS Maria to shoot her in the face... This act has great insulting value she dont think her heart will forgive her letting that lie. This call for vengeance!

Re: Return of the prodigal daughter

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:56 pm
by Laclongquan
When you know you come from a Vault in DC, East Coast, it's very obvious Ulysses is raving. Or at least talking about someone else.

When he said you walked the West, it's even more obvious. The only working train and tracks stopped at Vegas. You know. You even check the train just last month. It's working, but no way it can bring you farther West than Vegas. And a girl in her twenties dont have any business walking hundred of miles westward. That would wrinkle her skin like nobody else's business.

So this famous Courier is obviously raving and ranting like a madman. As a girl who is familiar with selective loss of memory, displayed by the Brains over at Big Mountain, you are quite experienced at recognizing same symptom. Schizophrenia.

Very highly likely said Courier is Ulysses himself. He didnt want to admit he break The Divide, "the only hope for a stronger, better nation than NCR or Legion", his words. So he made up another Courier and yourself just get slotted into this role.

Also his voice is more... tired than a courier of his age and his fame should be. Too old, too exhausted yet "keeping stiff upper lip" as some Pre War expression goes. Man should be in his prime, no way he's tired and gravelly like a 20-yo older man than his age.

Highly possible he didnt get out of the Divide disaster untouched. Guessing he's highly radiation poisoning. Possibly even cancer, or at least his internal organ should be failing right now.

So spake the Medicine 75 and Survival 90 girl said~
As to why Maria take pity on the older man... He did save Christine who later on sharing some sweet time with her in Sierra Madre.

And whatever mischief he threw her way, they didnt kill her but made her stronger. So she can afford to be magnanimous to the nearly dying one.

Plus, his keeping vigil over the Divide should be short any way~ It's a dirty job and his doing that should deserve some listen time.

Re: Return of the prodigal daughter

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2021 4:07 pm
by Laclongquan
"Benny, Benny, whatever shall i do to you, lil rascal of mine!"

The pure fact of his using his gun Maria to shoot Maria in the face is a highly hilarious joke. EXTREME funny if it happen to other Maria than herself. So she took some very long pondering time to think of approriate way to deal with this naughty, naughty man.

"I got it!" Maria slap her meaty thigh.

"I shall pretend to be a sick, sick, M girl who is in lust with the man who shot me in the head. I shall flirt with him at every oppotunity to get in his pant."

"And when the dumbass think he can sleep with a girl he shot in the face before BAM!!! it's obvious he get his coming! EVERYONE will see it coming! Just who is this fool who think he can sleep with a girl he shot in the face before?"

"Who does he think he is? God's Gift To Women????"

And it shall be done! Dumbass get shot by his own Maria, pickpocketed during the flirty walk to his room. NOTHING can save him. It's lucky his bodyguards dont come in during boss' happy time, or they would get killed too~

Re: Return of the prodigal daughter

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 10:12 am
by Laclongquan
Long year coming with different perspective. Now Maria has different view of Chief Hanlon and General Oliver compare to Courier Six's a decade before.
Hanlon is... old. Old and tired, though possibly not as ridden with illness as with Ulysses (above post).

He's trying to be optimistic and strong. But honestly, Maria feel that oldman does not meet the terrifying demand of Second Hoover Dam. She question his mental health, too.

Despite trying to find evidence, but no sign of Hanlon get subverted by Legion. In which case, Hanlon is just old and tired and make questionable judgement in doing the radio reports.

ANd questionable is the right word for it. He judge that best use of Ranger marksmen is on the ridge sniping legion elites, the tactic during 1st hoover dam. Which would be a massacre in 2nd, considering Caesar are trying to fix his howitzer to shell that very location~ It's just one example to show Hanlon is not getting beyond 1st Hoover Dam. Nostalgia is the word. Old is another.

As a gesture of respect, Maria doesnt make public the entire sordid affair of Return to Sender. Luckily, she did assassinate Caesar before dealing with this old man, so Hanlon can keep his dignity in his old age.
Oliver is... straight forward type of a tactician. Massing troops and allies and slug it out with Legions in a terrain favor defenders. A decade ago, Courier Six judge that's too boring and unimaginative and thus choosing Independent Vegas. But Maria, as a well travelled and well educated girl, say otherwise. In history of battles, such tactic and strategy is the normal wins. As some wits said in a book, paraphrasetically
"Fuck clever tactic. Fuck imaginative feints and pincers. Give me overwhelming number advantage, equipment, and defensive terrain."

So she look at Oliver like a good commander who win battle classically and not risk it all in a throw of dice.

While Moore is a bit of too bossy commander, Oliver and Crockett do make Maria favour NCR as a possible overlord of Mojave.

Also, she did want to return to East Coast. Dont have time to babysit a country out here~ Leave that to professionals who like doing it~ Unlike Courier Six.

Re: Return of the prodigal daughter

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:07 am
by Laclongquan
It's not a good home visit. Maria get amnesiac... again.

All she remember is some gas in a vault room, klaxon ringing, people shouting, and the specific smell of radroach. When she come to she's standing in a dark tunnel, Vault 101 door closed up tight, with a few item on her body.

She remember Mojave stuffs, but not anything happen in DC the last few days. Short term memory loss~ JOY.
After spending long years in pleasant company with Cass, and Veronica, the potential friends and allies in Capital Wasteland is terribly boring.

Jericho is the first one she met and dang but he's arrogant. Well, he can be arrogant and choosy all he want outside of her company.

Clover is... frankly speaking, a testy choice. She's the sort of crazy girl Maria once emulate to lure Benny to his fall, but not her type. Brassy, bold, career girl, footloose and fancy free etc... Just not crazy. Clover... Seriously, Maria would get coc into Eulogy's pad just to try her out but she's... not very appetizing.

Charon is male version, and ghoul, of Clover... Eek~

Re: Return of the prodigal daughter

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2021 2:57 am
by Laclongquan
A quick search at the nearby town show ol fuddyduddy did go through here. Snakey Moriarty is nothing a Courier Girl cant handle. To the galaxy goes her!

Sarah Lyons (and her sidekicks ) are interesting. Bold, brash, and charismatic to a fault, Sarah is like Cass growing up with her dad Cassidy still beside her. Still, Maria has her search and sarah has her job so anything else must wait.

Top priority, of course, is to set up radios asap. A flash. A twinkle, some flirty chats and Maria get info out of 3 dogs faster than completing "Here comes Mariaaaaa!" But she help 3 dogs anyway because radio is important. So spake the Vegas girl!!

And during the trek she found out about agatha and her violin quest. Nothing to it but doing right away because violin, girls! Violin!!!

Thus she get direction to vault tech hq with its computer full of vault locations. Interessssssssting!

On the way to get a dish from a interplanetary vehicle Maria noted that Museum of History has a full collection of lincoln memorabilia. Much better than Kings' Elvis collection. Interessssssssting!!!!

Willow snarked on her being tourist... yep, guilty as charge. Plus willow just being jealous of her globe trotting trek. Weirdly enough willow dont know any ol fuddyduddy go past by....

Hmmmm. Oh well, Maria does plan a visit to Rivet city sooner or later anyway. A Doctor Li does feature prominently there. And Maria remember that back during her first days in mojave her inventory has a few items of clothes from a dr li.

Maria smell a big gossip in the making. Long making, too.