Making money legally with Repair

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Re: Making money legally with Repair

Post by Laclongquan » Sat Sep 18, 2021 12:00 pm

Lonesome Road get played in several sessions whenever I feel like playing it~ A lonely dusty battlefield with nary a chick in sight~ Also, extreme abundance of loot.
+++ a new mod adding extra female marked men to this region is good to play.

It's a big mistake not to keep the Divide End at right before getting to The Tops. Two NCR/Legion messengers wipe reputations off NCR/Legion/The Khans. Might as well cut loss and make use of the two new areas, so that we dont waste idolized rep
End game stage, I chose NCR ending. Reason is mentioned in the prodigal daughter thread.
The battles in the Plants are pretty good, though some Legionaires still carry caravan shotguns~ WTF~
Take the train back to Capital Wasteland, since I dont have any mod same as Benny humble, so I have to do it myself
- player.rewardxp -444k
- player.setlevel 1
- player.modav combatskillname -77
- player.modav noncombatskillname -33
- player.removeperk all the levelup perks
Take about 2 hours with all the error about setav and forceav.
Next post will be a fresh start.
Also one miscalculation that I forget to remember until twenty hours in.

I really should have used that level 36 build run a full cyclonic round throughout the Capital Wasteland. THAT would have set areas' level at high level.
++++EDIT: scratch that, 36 would have spawn Albino. setlevel 20 to lower down to that level and run would have created giant scorp.
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Re: Making money legally with Repair

Post by Laclongquan » Fri Dec 24, 2021 9:27 am

A rerun but from my save after completing mojave and taking train back to DC.

Setlevel 14 and 0xp
Slower level 4x because want to stay low lelvel ans make more use out of sp. Normally 18 levelups would set skill100. So this time i want to be able to to do it lvele 50. Level14 make ovrerlord and reaver is possible but albino NOT.

Modav combat skill so that they start at 0 in order to make more use out of mags and various buff items. Extra 0 is barter aside with tougher barter mod to recreate f3 setting.

Modav speech lockpick science at 50 so easier to get access to things

Survival repair and med is how it is in level 1.
Due to how it is jury rigging is only possible after a full collection of dean books and a bunch of lelvelup. This should delay the economy breaking bug until hihgh level stage where it get broken anyway anyhow

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Re: Making money legally with Repair

Post by Laclongquan » Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:35 am

Playing this way, almost impossible to make money without making use of op abuse like rocket trick.

Repair is too low to make effective repair for sale even with fixxing magazine. With the buff items in a world with pain 4fo3... its slightly possible if finding enough rep books.

Basically income is to scavenging easy locations. As for farming... making use of easy to repair weapons like excalibat, stabhappy, infiltrator, zhurong etc... to save on repair money. The which chinese assault rifle or light machinegun can not. Thus we can use loooted weapons for repair and get some changes out of fixing to sell armors.
+++ awop4fo3 provide a wide range of buff items so we can get buffed in both repair and barter. Thus its easier than this post would illustrate. Without that this way of playing is an exerxise in masochism. And despite how my thread might imply, iam not actually an M style player. If not play with awop i would suggest keep repair at 50 without books or 70 if found zero.

While various mods provide extra locations to loot enough parts to make craft weapons to sell... the econ scale is hard to judge. Best would be trench knife and shishkebab.

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Re: Making money legally with Repair

Post by Laclongquan » Wed Jan 05, 2022 4:10 am

Repair can be buffed by full stat buff plus fixing mag and PLO worker overalls.
Barter has sale mag and roving merchant suits to buff. Sell at rivet city after certain stage in surival guide quest is best option.
Some merchants might sell tattered reinforced leather armor which can be repaired with cheap leather armor and sell at 1200 value. The metal armor reinforced are not seen because too low level.

Infiltrators can be fixed by assault rifle and sell at slightly better price. Same as other pitt raider armors. Raiders farming!!
++++ due to more spawn extra hostiles i have more raiders. However, more missile shooters mean we dare not relax and has to shoot weapons flying. Looted missile launchers are mostly at 0%

Some super mutants might sport minigun which can be fixed by wrk and sell at high price.
This time around i self restrict at not convert missile to rocket and buying rockets. Though i still make inc/he rockets (from raw materials) to sell.

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