Making money legally with Repair

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Re: Making money legally with Repair

Post by Laclongquan » Sat Sep 18, 2021 12:00 pm

Lonesome Road get played in several sessions whenever I feel like playing it~ A lonely dusty battlefield with nary a chick in sight~ Also, extreme abundance of loot.
It's a big mistake not to keep the Divide End at right before getting to The Tops. Two NCR/Legion messengers wipe reputations off NCR/Legion/The Khans. Might as well cut loss and make use of the two new areas, so that we dont waste idolized rep
End game stage, I chose NCR ending. Reason is mentioned in the prodigal daughter thread.
The battles in the Plants are pretty good, though some Legionaires still carry caravan shotguns~ WTF~
Take the train back to Capital Wasteland, since I dont have any mod same as Benny humble, so I have to do it myself
- player.rewardxp -444k
- player.setlevel 1
- player.modav combatskillname -77
- player.modav noncombatskillname -33
- player.removeperk all the levelup perks
Take about 2 hours with all the error about setav and forceav.
Next post will be a fresh start.
Also one miscalculation that I forget to remember until twenty hours in.

I really should have used that level 36 build run a full cyclonic round throughout the Capital Wasteland. THAT would have set areas' level at high level.
++++EDIT: scratch that, 36 would have spawn Albino. setlevel 20 to lower down to that level and run would have created giant scorp.

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