What would life be like in a Vault

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James_T_Quirk wrote:

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Genetic Mutantations are a fact of Life, why 1918-19 Flu, only killed about 50 million, most had a immunity, those who didn't died ..

In this New World of Super Bugs, it may be our end, Human Race plagued by Rampant Virulent Diseases, until there a small population left, that natural disaster may finish us off ..

Of Course the weak, lightly muscled, enlongated, from weigthlessness, emaciated from calorie restrictive diet (promotes Longevity), may come back from mars or orbit, and pay there respects & lend a hand, but I think Off World Immune Systems will not cope for Sure .. Plus they will look like "greys", we may just shoot them ..



There´s no such thing as superbug, every bug will be vulnerable to something, they may become immune to our current vaccines but we will create new ones. Even bubonic plague only killed 2/3 people it infected and that was the worst epidemic in the known history, enough people will survive that they can repopulate in a short order (a few generations at most) we are not looking at extinction from disease any time soon.

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Re: What would life be like in a Vault

Post by Laclongquan » Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:18 am

Sorry for resurrecting this interesting thread.


The most resemble workable conditions similar to vault life would be submarine and aircraft carrier nowaday where a bunch of people squeezed together for long time.

Mind you, vault space is much spacier than both and with more females. So we can only simulate only so much.

The key conditions should be constant working in relatively isolated space. Like find a nook and work (so no stress and want more space). Sound s also are controlled. Lots of implied and hidden social mores to avoid tickle the tight nerves of others.

A lots of green scenery are in, like cup of cacti or smth.

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Re: What would life be like in a Vault

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Jun 17, 2021 2:41 am

I appreciate your enthusiam, but please stop necroing old posts.

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