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Re: Ranking the DLCs

Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:11 am
by jlf65
Laclongquan wrote:
Wed Jun 02, 2021 3:56 am
After you get back equipments and chems, it's easier, but the first fight can be said as toughest in the whole game.
I don't know why yours is so tough - I've NEVER had a problem with any character kicking those first two alien's asses. Even my COTW build kicked their asses no problem. The first fight is never tough, and not meant to be. The tough fight is either the shielded aliens with disintegrators, or the abominations. The mooks with sticks are cannon fodder.

Re: Ranking the DLCs

Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:27 pm
by Laclongquan
Because my character ability is based on equipment and chem up. All chem up. Skill point invest in all non combat. Combat skills are raised thanhks to books and mags.

If not for chemming up beforehand, my char can barely make a dent.

Re: Ranking the DLCs

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2021 1:49 am
by Ulysses
This is my personal opinion.

Dead Money

Lonesome road

Old World Blues

Honest Hearts

Point Lookout

The Pitt

Broken Steel

Operation Anchorage

Mothership Zeta

Gun Runners Arsenal

All of the equipment packs.

Re: Ranking the DLCs

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2023 7:07 pm
by spartanseth
Necro but w/e

I don't really think I could "rank" each DLC compared to each-other, but I could give my thoughts on each.

Dead Money - Probably the best DLC story-wise, IMO. The loot is cool too. I hate how it plays though. I get it wanted to be unique, and do something different - but it really just didn't pan out IMO. I can at least give credit for trying something new, though. C . (I dont like numerical grades)

Honest Hearts - This DLC is fucking CARRIED by Joshua Graham, The Survivalist journals, & its loot. The DLC is literally 3/4ths fetch quest/go to X and kill Y/do Z. The world-space is amazing though, looks beautiful. Story is nice, too. This DLC would easily be a D if it didn't have the aforementioned crutches - so it barely squeaks into a B-. Probably my favorite NV DLC, though.

Old World Blues - I'm honestly convinced people who say this DLC is their favorite haven't actually played it in a long time or just ignore its main quest. The main quest is LITERALLY just doing half a dozen fetch quests, then go here and fight a boss, and confront Mobius or the think tank (or both) and that's it. Then, 2/3rds of the content FROM the DLC are just MORE GODDAMN FETCH QUESTS. Sure, you get rewarded with the sink personalities - but holy shit. On the plus side your brain sounds like Stewie Griffin, and there is some of the funniest dialogue in the whole franchise in this DLC. Plus some amazing lore & world-building. Overall, B.

Lonesome Road - The funny "BEAR AND BULL AND BEAR AND BULL" DLC. I really dont even have much to say because I just find it painfully mediocre. Its not bad. its not great. Its just...meh. I love how they gave ED-E a personality though, and the launching of the nuke was always a cool scene. Story is OK. Very difficult, but fair (mostly...) The rewards you get are fucking god-tier (as should be expected, I suppose.) - so overall, B-

Point Lookout - Probably my favorite DLC out of all of them, if I had to choose. The story is nice, and the difficulty is alright (sans those bullshit double-barrel inbred hicks. you will always take at least 10 damage per pellet NO MATTER YOUR ARMOR!) Honestly my biggest gripe is probably just how terrible the frame rate can be. Even back when I played normal FO3, i remember the frame-rate being quite...rough at times. The loot is cool, the side-quests are fun, and the fact it even ties into the base game with the Dark Heart Of Blackhall quest is really neat! The only other DLC's I can think of that ties into vanilla (obviously sans the Broken Steel DLC) is Dead Money with Veronica, and Lonesome Road with ED-E. Overall, B+. Would be higher, but the poor performance & inconsistent difficulty (in vanilla FO3) knock it down from anything higher.

The Pitt - if P.L didn't exist, The Pitt would easily be my favorite DLC - solely because of that cool as fuck arena fight. I really wish it had more to it, but oh well. The ingots being the only "real" side content also suck because its a fetch quest - but at least the challenge comes more from having to find them, so I'll give it that. Has probably the most morally gray (at least to me) decision in all of FO3, and even rivals some of the other fallouts. The loot is nice too (I fucking love that sweet ass laser shotgun). The ammo press is a GODSEND in FO3, and is still nice in TTW - but not as much simply because NV already HAS ammo crafting. B

Mothership Zeta] - Fuck this DLC. I never have fun with it. I would rather have to do Dead Money Iron Man hardcore at level 1 than play this DLC again. I hate how it canonizes aliens, I hate the slog of every fight (especially those fucking energy shield aliens), I hate everything about this DLC. The ONLY thing I like is the funny death cut-scene if you fall off the spaceship during the spacewalk like a dumbass (actually the whole spacewalk scene is cool, now that I think about it.) Fuck this DLC.

Operation Anchorage - This DLC basically tries to make the game discount CoD. Its funny to me how it does it better though than the frontier, lmao. The loot is fucking AMAZING though, and the gary 23 glitch you can do makes it even better. The hidden lore that implies that the entire simulation is utter B.S propaganda is fucking hilarious and entirely on-brand as well. D+, would be lower but the loot helps & the funny lore joke saves it.

Broken Steel - I feel like im in the minority of people who like the original FO3 ending (at least in concept. The execution was botched, admittedly.) But aside from that - this DLC is nice. It wraps up the story neatly, and allows you to continue playing post-game, which is great. Adds some nice side content too, and shows you the consequences of your actions with the purifier (especially if you poisoned it.) B