Role-playing in TTW. Leaving DC.

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Role-playing in TTW. Leaving DC.

Post by Damianwolff » Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:33 pm

Hello, fellas. I had just travelled to New Vegas for the first time, and was wondering how do folks in here usually make the trip. When is it that you decide leaving DC, and do you justify it in any way?

I was having great fun in DC and was honestly forgetting at times that New Vegas was waiting.

At the time I had Sydney and Dogmeat as a follower. Dogmeat got separated and wound up waiting for me at Vault 101 entrance.

I had just gone though the Waters of Life questline, escaped with the scientists to the Citadel. In the citadel Sydney asked if she could stay and learn. I didn't know how long that would take, and was surprised when she said she'd be there for two weeks. Was somewhat jarring that the Lone Wonderer was abandoned like that straight after loosing his father. Nice for RP.

So I figured my character would get to Vault 101 to pick up his dog. Aaaand got the pip-boy message about help request from Amata.

Went in, helped everybody. Got told to leave. Again.

So, with father dead, Sydney off doing her own business, his homestead having spurned him again, and the Enclave flooding the Capital Wasteland, I decided it was a good moment for Lone Wonderer to do what his father did 20 years ago. And left for Mojave.


So there is my story. How did you do it? Anyone role-played it, Gopher-style?

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That is pretty much the exact

Post by AnvilOfWar » Fri Jul 24, 2015 5:19 pm

That is pretty much the exact time and reasons I leave for the Mojave as well. Right after Waters of life, and then Trouble on the home front. Usually I have done a bunch for the capital wasteland by that time, and the 1-2 punch of Dad's loss and then "get out" from 101 makes me think my wanderer would get a bit on the selfish side. I mean Blood ties, Wasteland Survival guide, Those!, and bunch of quests helping people out and many of them not really having much in the rewards end of things. So after my lone wanderers general spirit of "let me help you" when they finally needed the help themselves, and where outright denied, it's a bitter pill to swallow, so they go off and think, you know what, you guys can save your own asses now.

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The only thing I want to say

Post by rbroab » Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:01 pm

The only thing I want to say is, I like the idea of leaving dad in the simulation as that dog for nine years. Not like I get some kind of sick pleasure from it, but I feel like it carries more weight that way. I come back from the Mojave nine years later as a completely changed and matured man and I'm reunited with my father.

I'm not alright, I'm an equal amount of left.

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Bonehead wrote:

Post by Damianwolff » Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:02 pm



Well im using x3 spawns with MMM so i leave once im strong enough to fight 10+ mutants at once to get to the train lol

i feel uneasy waiting too much to go to the mojave, since the first part of nv is so easy, feels like its made for a low level character unlike the f3 one (straight into dc full of super mutants...)

also: gambling! altho with ttw interiors u can also gamble in dc which is nice



In all honesty - really depends on the settings and mods. In my game the amount of health is based entirely of Endurance, so when I entered the Mojave on level 15 I head the exact same amount of health I had on level 1.

Add to that that I have the mod that gives all the player items to one of Benny's Khan henchmen, and the beginning of the Mojave becomes quite vicious. Seriously.

No powerful guns or armor, very little ammo (small ammo spawn rates), no caps... And all the difficulty of a well modded New Vegas game.

I was quite shocked when a Mantis crippled me and took 3/4 of my health with its fist lunge, and finished me off with the second one.

Edit: Yeah, gambling with Interiors is all kinds of awesome. Unfortunately don't have Mutant mod installed. It, for some reason, does not play well with my game.

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It is a great one. Massive

Post by Damianwolff » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:21 pm

It is a great one. Massive kudos to the mod maker.

And, for once, it provides an actual incentive to be hot on Benny's tail.

A lot of players I know played through the Fallout 3 quest because they felt an attachment to James.

Equipment Looted makes you rush faster, because you feel an attachment to your gear.

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Which one is that?

Post by Damianwolff » Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:40 am

Which one is that?

This one?

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More like this one:

Post by Risewild » Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:01 am


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Love discussions like these!

Post by subtledoctor » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:27 pm

Love discussions like these!

I agree with the OP that right after seeing dad die, and then escaping to the citadel, and then being kicked to the curb, is a great time to get out of Dodge. So that when I head... south on a riverboat, looking for s better life. Alas, Point Lookout is full of murderous savages and hallucinated head trips of mourning. So back to DC. Instead I head northwest toward Pittsburgh, hoping to find solace in acts of valor and charity, by freeing some slaves. But it's an irradiated hellhole and neither side seems to be the good guys. 

So back to DC, but I'm feeling better now, realizing that the brotherhood isn't all bad and the quest to provide pure water to people to prevent DC turning into The Pitt, is worthwhile. So I play through the whole rest of the game, finishing at about level 25 (with a 1/2 XP progression mod). Then, upon exiting the old train tunnels around the city, I find one that seems to work, heading west...

[whereupon, I load up a save at the train station from level 4, which was the earliest I could finish WSG and Those! and get 5 of the 7 SPECIAL bobbleheads and console myself some of the more memorable equipment from my travels, like the Ranger armor and the Perforator...]

...and Boom! I wake up nine years later, in some cowboy quack's office, with another hole in my skull and not able to remember may of my skills, and naked as the day I was born, my would-be murderers having stolen my best equipment. :)

Yeah: 1/2 XP progression, + modded lower HP, + the "equipment looted" mod (I like the "explorer" option with my stuff spread all over the Mojave), + starting at low level, = all the continuity of playing both games together, but without disturbing the balance and fun of the early/mid game in NV. IMHO this combination is more fun than just using Thermidor's mod. 

I don't have much time to play so this makes for epic, ~year-long playthroughs. I started this run in March and I just finished Point Lookout! Now heading to The Pitt, my favorite DLC. :)

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I know this post is very old,

Post by eslehto » Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:10 am

I know this post is very old, however, I have a role-play which make sense, The Lone Wander after leaving Vault 101 for first time wakes in Doc Michael's house, as though playing through Vault 101 is a dream. He can't remember what brought him to New Vegas. After reaching his first caps, he flashes back to arriving in Megaton and learn what caps were to begin with. The Tale brings him through flashback of DC, and present day New Vegas. Where he in turn runs into someone in DC in Vegas.

Because I believe getting to train station after the main storyline of would be boring, also the reason this person has come to Vegas is because she is looking for him to finish what he started. Yes the flashback ends with death of his father, but return to DC to bring pure water, afterwards again leave to finish looking for Benny in Vegas and do other things. That to me in worthwhile, Tale of Two Wastelands. Not just finishing in DC than moving to Vegas, This means you're only playing Fo3 and FNV seperately.


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Post by Wolfways » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:08 pm



I wanted a mod that made NV (after doing DC) harder, and I run into this thread.


One mod uses old money, makes the stations tougher, and there's a stat reduction....but possessions are just in a box (and you get all your stuff back with a cheat).


The other one lets you get all your stuff back in a way that makes sense (surely the Khans would take your gear)...but that's it.


Decisions, decisions....


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