'Good Guys' - Get both Tenpenny Suite and Megaton House - with all residents still alive!

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'Good Guys' - Get both Tenpenny Suite and Megaton House - with all residents still alive!

Post by Chaophim » Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:35 am

Technically, this is a cheat/spoiler that involves mods, but posting it here just to be safe due to the spoiler side of it.

There are two TTW mods out there that are pretty awesome - one comes in the optionals folder of Tale of Two Wastelands and is called "TTW Reputations" - it forms factions and gives you the same reputations that you get on the NV side, allowing scales to tip.  The other is Chucksteel's TTW Interiors which expands the locations, adds a new quest, and (best of all) gives you both a home in Rivet City but also allows you to own both the Megaton Home and Tenpenny Suite.

When used without TTW Reputations, the process is simple - save Megaton, save Simms, get Megaton House, go do the Ghoul quest for Tenpenny, get Suite.

HOWEVER - this is a bit more difficult for TTW Reputation users, since killing Burke gets you a "Vilified" Tenpenny reputation, potentially blocking off the Ghoul quest because Tenpenny's goons would rather kill you than hire you, even though their only witness to who killed Burke was... well... Burke himself.

So, what TTW Reputation users have to do is 'build reputation credit' first.  To do this, don't do the Megaton side first.  Save that part for later.  Go to Tenpenny and do the Ghoul quest first, killing Roy (and thereby saving the residents of Tenpenny Tower).  By the time ghoul bodies hit the floor, you should receive a notice saying that you have been "Accepted" by Tenpenny Tower.  You should also get "Vilified" by Roy Phillips, but screw him... he's dead, as is everyone in his faction.  Best he can do is shake his tiny fist at you from beyond the grave.

And there we go - reputation credit built up.  Let's go spend it.

Go to Megaton and offer to diffuse the bomb w/o pay, but don't do it yet.  Go up to the saloon and talk to Burke, getting the device.  Now go tattle-tale to Simms about Burke's plan.  Follow Simms back up to the saloon and take a position off to the side where you won't shoot bystanders.  When Burke starts to rise to his feet, shoot him (easiest way is VATS) before he can shoot Simms.  You should receive a notice that you are considered a "Merciful Thug" by Tenpenny (harsher prices w. Tenpenny merchants, but a HELL of a lot better than the "Vilified" that you would have gotten.) Talk to Simms and then go defuse the bomb.  Talk to Simms again.  Get Megaton House.

Hope this helps folks.  If this is the wrong place for this kind of posting or if there's anything wrong with posting this, let me know and I will do what needs to be done to correct it.

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Nice post, thanks for sharing

Post by TrickyVein » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:50 pm

Nice post, thanks for sharing.

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EstaSigma wrote:

Post by Lyndi » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:43 pm



You don't have to kill Mr. Burke in order to save Lucas Simms. You should be able to just disarm the nuke with the basic 25 Explosives check, then tell Mr. Simms you're done. He'll give you the Megaton house, and Burke leaves Megaton. You'll have to deal with one Talon Company Mercs group implied to be hired by Burke [the hirer goes by "B", and remarks about Tenpenny's disappointment about Megaton still existing], but their equipment should sell for a few thousand caps.

I don't use TTW Reputations, but that should let you be able to get both houses and a positive reputation with both Megaton and Tenpenny, in theory.

Edit 1: I went through the quest code, and disarming the nuke and telling Mr. Simms does give some Reputation penalty, although it shouldn't plummet your Tenpenny Tower reputation to the level where you are outright Vilified or put on a Kill-On-Sight level.


This is basically how I've been doing it in TTW with Interiors and Reputations. After I take care of the Bomb and Burke leaves Megaton I head over to Tenpenny Tower and snag the ghoul quest. I've never had issue with being vilified with the tower. As long as you don't shoot Burke, everything is peachy.

After all that business I usually get the ghouls into the tower by "convincing" certain people that having ghoul neighbors is fine and Roy Phillips gives me access to the suite and casino once inside the tower. (I almost always side with Roy Phillips because I hate those snooty tenpenny people.)

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With Interior you can also

Post by chucksteel » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:55 pm

With Interior you can also get the Tenpenny home if you help Gustavo and Kill Roy. Any of the three endings to the Tenpenny quest will give you the home. 

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after leaving v101 i ran

Post by codexile » Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:12 am

after leaving v101 i ran immediately to tenpenny, destroyed the ghouls, got my home, checked out the casino, and ... GHOULS GHOULS EVERYWHERE, thanking me for saving them.

So that was kind of odd.  Not sure if it's got something to do with never going to Megaton, or something in my LO, I will attempt to repeat soon.

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Yeah I have that issue with

Post by RoyBatty » Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:46 am

Yeah I have that issue with them too, doesn't matter what I do the casino is always ghouls.


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I can also confirm what Roy

Post by AnvilOfWar » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:11 pm

I can also confirm what Roy and codexile have said, Ghouls always seem to show up in the Casino area, and I always hunt down and kill Roy Phillips and his followers.

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Re: 'Good Guys' - Get both Tenpenny Suite and Megaton House - with all residents still alive!

Post by Laclongquan » Tue May 25, 2021 12:23 pm

Updated on 3.2.2

-Keeping the Megaton house like you know how.

-Visit Tenpenny Tower, get to mister landlord's suite, get out of his steel door to his balcony, go around to the balcony of an empty suite. Visit and you can sleep on that My Bed to get Well Rested bonus.
++ Reloading bench can be used but not workbench in this version.
++ hot plate.
++ Some containers.

EDIT: It's a long time since my 1st run on 322 so I dont remember exactly what I did back when. On my 2nd run when I finally return from Mojave, both doors on tenpenny player room is locked (or maybe this run I use too many mods and one of them lock it). Either you console command "unlock" on them, or use player.additem to add the room key to your inventory. This is the most simple way instead of installing mods.

So all merchants in both Megaton and TT are alive.

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