Am I the only one who really doesn't like the Broken Steel ending?

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Darian Stephens
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I dunno. I could give it a go

Post by Darian Stephens » Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:55 pm

I dunno. I could give it a go, I've been meaning to get back into modding, anyway. Seems like it'd be a nice challenge.

At least the Zeta one would be. In fact, I'm getting some ideas for features and how to implement those features. I- I'll be right back I... Need to go do something...

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I have problems with almost

Post by archanix » Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:42 am

I have problems with almost all F3 dlc when we talk about plot. For example I could buy that in Operation Anchorage main hero wants to open the gate to find some interesting items or informations but How Brotherhood would betrayed their own soldiers? In DC killing each other is the worst idea anybody could get. They have no new recruits, Enclave and Lyons S.H.I.T(Soldiers hitting in target... Much better name then Brotherhood of Steel after changing main goal) have technology on much higher level and most important their policy doesn't help with contact with savages.

Piers Arkan
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Fallout 3's writing just

Post by Piers Arkan » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:12 am

Fallout 3's writing just seems to me to be a great bit of spaghetti against the wall, like they scattered writers ideas like jacks across the world, not really making them all mean much. and Broken steel just makes it worse.

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Bethesda has always been

Post by SuperbiaTheGreat » Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:02 pm

Bethesda has always been pretty terrible at writing in general; Obsidian blew them out of the water when it came to quest design and they carried over the continuity of the older fallout games gracefully. I've only liked Oblivion when it came to Bethesda's style of writing and it was only because it wasn't a glorified power fantasy(the way they focused on Martin and not the player exclusively). I find all the side quests in Fallout 3 very boring and tedious(with the exception of reilly's rangers), and the main quest is rather dull(especially the vanilla/broken steel ending). I will say that Bethesda has always been good at world building and I don't really see that changing anytime soon. I'm still very excited for Fallout 4 though despite my cynical expectations for the narrative structure.

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I think that the BOS sees the

Post by paragonskeep » Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:27 am

I think that the BOS sees the crawler as too dangerous to "loot" and with the ZAX's series too unpredictable to just "take over", I use a Citadel Armory mod to be able to get the Calahan with a speech check with Elder Lyons.

I agree Rise Zeta could offer you SO many resources to exploit, would love to use them all. You should mod that cheeky

In regards to the two Fallouts I prefer FO3's worlds and dungeons but will agree to FNV's writing. I like the "villians" of FO3 better though with the Enclave and more feral Super Mutants. Personally I like Point Lookout and wish that there were more to do there.

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Piers Arkan
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So after playing around in

Post by Piers Arkan » Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:48 pm

So after playing around in the Broken Steel Environment I can safely say that as an evil character, I did not enjoy the massive amount of business that was made about haaving the clean water, despite it being more than hazardous to human health with the FEV lacing. You'd think that more people would be testing the water and the deaths(though I hadn't seen any, only know of the bellyaching folks in the clinics) would show a much greater resentment to drinking it or moving it out. I know Three Dog talks about it, but then again, three dog is just sso weird about his shit anyway.


But back to three dog. I remember that there had to be some voiced reaction that three dog had to me blowing up the citadel. It had to be there somewhere, but I never heard it. I remember it from when I was on PS3. If it wasn't actually in, then why not, but if it was, I never heard it in TTW, after hours of listening. A transmission sort of went like "whose got the gorilla sized balls for that?" when talking about the blowing up the citadel.

I'm sort of ok with the deaths just on the horizon, after two weeks, but my action had much less impact now. The thing with the Enclave assault was alright, I find the tesla cannon obscenely ineffective post vegas. All in all, I still prefer the Pitt and Point Lookout to Anchorage, Steel, or Zeta.

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Obsidian does have much

Post by Runnerblank » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:52 pm

Obsidian does have much better writing.

Hope that in Fallout 4, Bethesda both ups their game and gives Obsidian another crack at the West Coast.

That said, after a hard fought war, they would be taking care to conserve their remaining troops.

Besides their scribes would still be busy trying to fully take advantage of the enclave technology they already had.

The risk of the mobile base being bobby trapped would high so why risk the loses needed to take it or the real possibility of losing the scribes sent to study it.

Also the vertibirds are of limited use unless you have a large source of high grade fuel.

I agree that a slightly better reward would make a great mod.

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TenSaidYes wrote:

Post by Trm8r » Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:01 am


Fallout 3's entire plot irks me.



Just out curiosity, what is it that you don't like. The more I play F3 the more I accept the plot. Sure NV's writing puts F3 to shame, but I think the plot's fine. Not heroic, but fine.

Piers Arkan
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I keep thinking that there

Post by Piers Arkan » Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:49 pm

I keep thinking that there was some voice line that Three Dog had to respond to me about blowing up the citadel, but I spent hours in DC again to try and hear it from him, to nothing.

I then went up to Three Dog himself, after quietly assassinating the Brotherhood group that was hostile to my prescence there, only to have Three Dog call me the Hero of the Wasteland returning.

Like...what? Was the poisoning the world not enough? Was the whole killing the Powered Armored "good Guys" not enough either to get a reaction out of him? Where's the reaction? Where's the logic behind him handing me the key and coordinates to an armory so I can keep killing more of the people who protect him?

One thing that I do enjoy about Fallout 3's storyline, which is also well and featured in Vegas, is the ability to skip forward in bits. I don't have to inquire through beagle as to where and what Benny was doing, and the same goes for Moriarty(I also vaporized him, so eh). Then I don't have to go Meet Dr Li or go to Project Purity and look for him, and I don't need to go to Novac and talk to Manny(couldn't kill Dr Li, but Manny's skull is in several spots scattered about Novac).

So I go to Smith Casey's Garage and I head into Vegas. Very sort of similiar in that regard, but the fact of the matter is that Vegas features many many many more options on how to proceed towards the end goal at Hoover Dam than the fight to the Jefferson Memorial, and one of the nicer things I enjoy is the simple lack of scripted events that I hate. that plot device grenade in Vault 87 agitates me so much as compared to the taking of the chip from me in Caesar's Camp at the fort. It also didn't degenerate into me fighting through Powered Armor(as a slick smooth talking altruistic bastard of a character to rival benny, this was me being a square peg jammed into a triangle hole).

The choices between Vegas and 3 are of a much greater variety and depth. Fallout 3 was so damned Binary between what amounts to the options that a White Leg would pick, or what a young, romantic Ranger would pick.

But sometimes Fallout 3 kind of gets it, and its what makes these games so odd is that they made made with so many different visions at once. The Pitt, The Brotherhood Outcasts, and Harold all come to mind.

The Pitt is a good DLC because it sort of touches on questions of how to recover, methods, and means to an end. I can never tell if Ashur will deliver on giving the cure to the Trog Mutation to the Workers of the Pitt, or if the slaves will actually be capable enough to defend themselves without the Bosses, much less work on the cure in a small corner of a blighted Steel Mill. What I don't like is that the end rewards are nearly the same, regardless of who is in charge, with the biggest difference being the survival of Ashur or not. It changes, but in a way that has less talked about than even Honest Hearts.

The Brotherhood Outcasts are almost like a moment of sentience for Fallout 3, where you have an actually legitimate and capable organization that is doing what it should be, with leadership, boundaries, and opinions. If only the other 80% of people in Fallout 3 were given the same level of treatment/unique look. Don't make them just raiders, slavers, or Tribals. If a character in New Vegas can admit to jokingly making up a tribe name for a single story with as many moral questions as a Fallout 3 DLC...

I really don't like that I dragged Harold across America just so they could root him in one spot, but the dilemma of a person wanting to die or not and how other people have visions for him and of him was not a bad little bit. This quest has so many different options on how to proceed, with some decent consequences, but I suppose some questions could appear, like why a member of the brotherhood outcasts would give you a suit of heavy power armor if you couldn't wear it(and he doesn't train you to wear it).

tl;dr I think the big reason I, and others like New Vegas' writing over Fallout 3 is that there is so much more of it, and it is so much deeper.

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Trm8r wrote:TenSaidYes wrote

Post by Proph » Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:21 am


TenSaidYes wrote:

Fallout 3's entire plot irks me.


Just out curiosity, what is it that you don't like. The more I play F3 the more I accept the plot. Sure NV's writing puts F3 to shame, but I think the plot's fine. Not heroic, but fine.


I'd say so much of the game is just mashed together, or highly ridiculous events happen just to propel the plot. The vanilla ending for FO3 was utter silliness, and no choice could really affect the outcome.

I guess for me FO3's main story feels more like a slideshow than a continuous series of events. Each segment of the quest is almost entirely independent of other events, a lot of occurrences seem more like filler, like the Little Lamplighters. Compare that to NV where you encounter the Boomers, who actually end up playing a role in the story.

And even though FO3 had better's really just because there wasn't much going on everywhere else. The Mojave feels alive with all sorts of happenings going on independent of you--caravans, skirmishes, etc. All the CW has is one Albino Radscorpion after another.

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