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Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2023 3:27 am
by Laclongquan
The old thread is pretty outofdate because it only worked with 322. 332 practically destroy most of its utility. So i make a new thread to look at things in the new version.

Number 1, without Jury Rigging, a repairman is super limited in cash tricks. Even if using normal raider armors to fix Pitt armors, it increase only a little bit.

Number 2, an early go at Point Lookout is good. Not only the normal PLO loots are useful to early players, same as 322, we can get access to 2 recipes, one is to create grenades with human flesh, another is SEC-MPC and Mesmerize Power Cell is pretty valueable. This is the key to making money in 332, good but not OP unless you go at it like a mad grinder~
+++ This is assuming we dont go slaver way with Paradise Falls, which I dont. Pity there's no logic/story reason for a massacre there.

Number 3, an early go at Outcast is good because it's a real good economical way to get loot without much expense, other than skill point investment in some combat skill. Pitt is same, a good trip to get back ton of armors and guns, plus a good way to convert the surplus ammo you found in DC into semi-rare quality ammo. Mothership Zeta might be good might be not depend on your taste, though the zetans might be too OP for early players.
+++ The outcast outpost has a trench knife schematic, which is a worthy goal to get. You have to fight through the easy ghoul at Bailey Metro, and the hard SM horde outside of the outpost. But this schematic is a good way to make money of the numerous combat knives you are have your hand full.
+++ On inventory management aspect, this schematic help you dealing with the frequent met loots of spiked knuckles and combat knives~

Re: Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2023 4:53 pm
by Laclongquan
Reminder trick for Casdin's quest and trade

- Laser pistol/rifle and plasma pistol can be used to repair other expensive guns (with Jury Rigging). So it's economical to repair it to 85% then use for parts. These three can be stocked to use later. BUT they are an accessible source to trade for expensive ammo.
- Plasma rifle is expensive so the above trick doesnt work. Either use it to repair itself, or trade with Casdin.
- Grenade Rifle can used to fix G Launcher, also with trick above. GR can be stocked to use later
- G Machinegun, however, can not be used to fix anything other than itself. Fix then sell immediately.
- Same treatment are Gatling laser, Multiplas Rifle, Plasma Caster. They dont have cheap parts to fix, so no value to store at all. Casdin'ed. While you can use WRK to fix them and sell for good caps, all in all, the returned value for WRK in this case is not that good.
- Outcast armors and helmets are a good source to trade for stuffs, since the Outcast spawns are pretty common, and during TTW332, wild life is pretty tough that the iron boys died quite regularly.

Casdin is a limitless source of good stuffs provided that you have what he need.

Re: Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2023 6:24 pm
by Laclongquan
Wheaton Armory is protected by only raiders. A good rifle, from 10mm lever action rifle, to sniper rifle, to infiltrator... is enough to fight your way methodically and slowly through the horde. The interior need good lockpick or science to open the locks. Good loot for the effort~

Fort Independence is another place to loot, provided that you become Outcast friend. Doing that require some barter for laser plasma weapons, and or scrap electronics then trade for Casdin's reward. Even if you intentionally stock up certain things before fighting our way through to meet him, it probabbly still not enough in 1st meeting.
+++ Exploring without being friend is not recommended because Outcast troopers are going to approach you continuously. Thus open the lock and taking items can be... chancy.

Paradise Falls is an interesting place to explore. Either you do their slaver quest (thus become slaver and get cursed on radio) or pay money upfront to get entry. From MY pov, I choose to pay money, so skip the quest~ Get public cursed on radio is not my idea of fame.
+++ As a place of evil people, owned items can be stolen without karma hit~ Thus, steal the whole place clean without worry!
+++ PF can be a place to avoid just because. No early quest to lead to it, and its unsavory reputation make a roleplayer avoid the place like plague~ But from pov of an early player who is not rich, this stealing from slavers is a good thing to do~

Re: Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2023 3:37 am
by Laclongquan
PITT is another good place to go early, because middle to late the loot is frankly disappointing. Enemies as well. Max trogs would be Savage's 65 HP. Pitt Raider is slightly tougher, 130~. Go too late and you are rolfstomping all over, which is unfun~ Lv16 is about right, since we just get Jury Rig and can have a bit roleplaying time as repairman in Pitt.

The toughest would be after getting your inv confisticated and before getting them returned. And the key would be autoaxe/melee.

Dont go out in the open because the fast trogs will mob you on all directions. The supply plant provide tight corner where you only worry about 2. Make use of the looted grenades here or the 32 ammo. The man opener inside is a good replacement for autoaxe.

The 556 can be converted into 556 match with the reloading bench in the steelmill. The assault rifles can be fixed into one useable gun for the arena. Also make use of every slops before getting out of arena as faydrra will cure rads.
A good step-by-step method is to get 10 ingots to open up Arena fight and Faydra. Explore, then win 1st Fight to get Faydra's rad cure, then repeat for 2nd cure. This should solve most of radiation difficulty during Steelyard exploration. A good way to do Pitt where you dont have much in term of chems and have to rely on slops for combat heals.
Oh, and safe storage is midea desk.

After getting uptown access kill every generic pitt raider from downtown to ashur palace. They would get respawn in later stage (precisely, after unleash the trogs to uptown) so might as well. The named raiders has their use for a while (like Lulu giving 3 noodles everyday) but any one without use can get wiped. Specifically, Reddup, ODog, Mona, Squill have their own raider replacement refs. In the slave revolt that draw Ashur out of palace, any surviving slaves in the courtyard will get wiped in the next Trog Scourge.

Killing generic slaves is not as fun or rich, because they only have 2 loots: cheap slave rags and 200-caps Autoaxe.

The steel ingot reward is good until 90. 100 is the power armor which might not be useful if you dont have training. And in the process we sweep clean the exterior of steel mill.

We have one copy of combat shotgun from that and 1 from arena fight but 12gauges is not good for middle range, only for trog in close. Assault rifle we looted 3 outside of killed loots but perforator make for a good economical use of ammo and repair kits. AR is better in rough combat, but Perforator/infiltrator is silenced guns by default so they have their own use.

Re: Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2023 9:50 am
by Laclongquan
Stuff to fix then sell, jury rigging style

2hand melee weapon: sledgehammer (vanilla), autoaxe (pitt) chainsaw and supersledge (rare)
1hand melee : Chinese sword, ripper (semi rare), katana (rare)
pistol: 10mmSMG
rifle: hunting shotgun and hunting rifle
Light machinegun: LMG, auto rifle,
2h energy rifle: multiplas rifle, tribarrel laser rifle
1h energy pistol: laser defender

Re: Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2023 9:13 am
by Laclongquan
Player houses:
Obviously the choice remain between Megaton and Tenpenny Tower.
And yet, there's other safe storage here and there you might want to remember:
Rivet city Hydroponics lab ( aka coc RcHydroponics) has two refridgerators and one firebox absolutely nonrespawnable. At least, according to my very long run. It's free to check in days and nights, without NPCs visiting and causing problem. The hotel is bloody inconvenient I dont really visit it much, but this lab is convenient and beneficial (respawnable plants). Hydroponics lab as a temporary storage for market visits, nice place~

Re: Making money legally with Repair TTW332

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2023 8:53 am
by Laclongquan
In term of selfmade combat tool

Railway Rifle is one of the rare early gun can be of use in later stages again 1250HP SM Overlord, mano-a-mutie style. Thanks to its heavy punch, it can break defense and break the limb, thus send its heavy weapon flying, and we can pick it up, deprive its deadly tool and let them use their fist. It can be fixed with basic rifle, and using it meaning we can spare the ammo of other guns.

Dart gun is one of the few rare early gun can be of use against Behemoth. Make a bunch of poisoned darts and you can mince one specimen to death~ Though there's a chance the killing time fall on the poison DOT so it doesnt register that it's YOU kill the Behemoth.

Cryolator is... I dunno. No use other than cheap replacement part.

Shishkebab is depending on whether you like melee~