Christmas eerghh Enclave came early

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Christmas eerghh Enclave came early

Post by dariorthan1964 » Sun Feb 12, 2023 3:35 pm

Something hillarious just happened to me, which im fairly sure is a bug, but I'm posting it here because im fairly sure its one of my mods fucking up.

Im Lvl 17, running a salvaged T45d, a laser rifle and a sniper rifle and most importantly, i havent done waters of life yet. Im doing Wasteland Survival guide and am heading over to the broken bow to speak to Pinkerton when i notice some Laser and more strangely plasma fire over at the Jefferson Memorial. Caravaners sometimes route through there, so Laser fire wouldnt be that odd, but neither them nor the super mutants usually carry plasma, so i go to investigate.

Thats when i spot the black armor. Immediately shit myself and start laughing, not necessarily in that order. Quicksave and try to take them on. Note, im running BLEED, so that plasma is a bitch. takes me about 6 tries before i successfully finished them off. thank fuck for meat shield companions.

Now im going back to my truck with a set of fully repaired hellfire armor, a set of MKII enclave armor, some energy rifles and spare parts. Time to get back to what i was doing. Or so i thought. I took a quick trip back to the corpses to check what spawned them. They were not spawned by a mod but the Fallout 3. Thats when i noticed more Enclave troops on the northern tip of the Island. FuckIt.exe, i go after them.

Several deaths later I notice a pattern. They are all on the take it back assault route. my guess is one of my mods accidently triggered that part of take it back or something. I dont mind, im walking away with ~2500 pounds of equipment. Im using the Tweak that lets me run normally while overencumbered for AP, so its not that much of a slog.

the whole ordeal cost me ~300 Optimized MF Cells, ~50 .308 rounds and ~30-40 stimpacks.
All my eqipment:
T45d Power Armor(for the first Engagement)
Hellfire Power Armor(for the second Engagement)
Recon Under Armor
Laser Rifle(/w Focus Optics, loaded with Optimized MFCs)
Sniper Rifle(/w Supressor, loaded with regular 308)
2 Companions in T45d
Dogmeat(STOP DYING!)
Mod List:
TTW Hotfix
JohnnyGuitar NVSE
Crash Logger
NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix
lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
FNV Mod Limit Fix
kNVSE Animation Plugin
ShowOff xNVSE Plugin
UIO - User Interface Organizer
Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI
Combat Lag Fix (NVSE)
Console Paste Support
DarNified UI
One HUD - oHUD
The Mod Configuration Menu
Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision
Advanced Recon Range Finder
Easy Unlocking - Easy Hacking - Guaranteed Pick Pocket
Selective Fire
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP TTW
Beretta 87 Target
Lee Enfield No 4
Winchester M1897 - Trench Gun
Colt M16A2
All Weapon Sounds Overhaul
Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing Robert Breeze Type3
Universal Water Bottling - Fill Empty Bottles
TTW - Wasteland Supplements
TTW A Trail of Crumbs
TTW Another Interior Mod
SawyerBatty TTW
Root 'n Loot TTW
High Resolution Water Fog - Water Aliasing Fix
A World Of Pain
TTW A World of Pain for Fallout 3
TTW A World of Pain Additional Patches
JIP Improved Recipe Menu
JAM - Just Assorted Mods
Climate Control NVSE
Desert Natural Weathers - NV - TTW
Delay DLC Redux
Cursor Unilaterally Matched (NVSE)
Another Millenia
Mobile Truck Base 3.3 community preview edition
Legacy Reborn Texture Pack
Colt N99 10mm Pistol (replacer)
TTW Mea Kulpa
TTW Quo Vagis Combined DLC Crossover v
Fallout 3 Unique items Overhaul TTW 3.3
Consistent Pip-Man Icons
Weapon Animations Replacer FOMOD
Recon Under Armor (JIP LN NVSE) (JohnnyGuitar) (ShowOff)
Recon Under Armor - Unique Under Armor Effects and Faction Armor Expansion
Fallout 4 Power Armor Features
T-60 Power Armour
Ambient Temperature
Powered Power Armor
Stash Organizer
Megaton Redone
NV Compatibility Skeleton
Vault 101 Revisited
P.A.M.S. - Power Armor Movement Sounds
Dialogue Expansion for Role
A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy
YAPR - Yet Another Pipboy Remover
Handheld Fixes

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