Any means to Cap FPS w/o ENB or iFPSClamp?

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Any means to Cap FPS w/o ENB or iFPSClamp?

Post by BearadactylPrime » Sun Aug 16, 2020 6:04 am

I've been looking all over the place for some means of capping the FPS, I can generally run TTW at ~120 FPS average; however I get guaranteed and sudden drops in certain places to a little above 60 and a bit below in rare instances. I find this jarring, and would rather have just a consistent and flat ~60 FPS.

iFPSClamp has the side effect of slowing the game down in the rare instances that my FPS drops below 60, which is even worse than the jarring drops in places. ENB or anything that adds a d3d9.dll file to my game causes a black screen on my PC, and has ever since the Windows 10 Creators update way back.

I do use NVTF, and the high FPS fix; but if at all possible I would rather just outright cap my FPS, as I can deal with small drops from time to time over massive ones.

I use an RX 5700XT, and due to Radeon Settings removing the old framerate control in a relatively recent update; I can't hardware lock it either to my knowledge. So, I'm just sort of scratching my head at this.

I didn't post it in modding discussion, because I'm not necessarily looking for a mod, just some means of capping the FPS that I'm not aware of; and I didn't post in technical support, because it isn't a technical problem per se; just more of a QoL deal.

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Re: Any means to Cap FPS w/o ENB or iFPSClamp?

Post by FiftyTifty » Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:37 pm

Radeon Chill is what you should use. It's much better than FRTC in every regard.

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