Might as well finish the job...

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Might as well finish the job...

Post by redmaxblower » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:22 am

I was frequent lurker on your Discord.
Until one day I'm scrolling through the previous day's chats and read a question from a new member asking about resources for mesh editing.
I work on meshes and took interest.
Immediately his question is responded to by Mindboggles who links a Discord channel for a Blender workshop.
The guy that asked the question replies with "I don't have internet."
His comment is met with an immediate and unexplained warning.
When he asks why, Mindboggles replies with "don't get smart with me".
The befuddled person replies with his internet being slow and he was looking for resources to download and read offline.
The warning is immediately removed by another team member.

Upon reading this I respond that the sort of behavior I witnessed there is exactly why I don't participate on these forums.
I asked that whoever might be in charge of these things not give authority to people who are not capable of using it fairly.
I used no foul language, did not insult anyone, in fact I think I was much more polite than Mindboggles.
I simply asked for justice. i even said "please".
My request was met with a ban from the discord.
My point, it appears, was proven.

This, coupled with the recent behavior I've seen from TTW team members against other modders who I'm familiar with...

PushTheWinButton who's crime was to call out Unoffical Patch NVSE for riding the coat tails of his rather successful and similarly named mod.
His JSawyer Ultimate Edition mod and TTW patch were immediately and ridiculously labeled "Imcompatible".
The rather lame excuse being that is causes crashes. All you have to do to fix it is disable expired stimpacks in the MCM menu.

Junckacc11 came on this forum, and freely offered to port and finish TTW Redesigned and actually made progress on it...
He was rewarded by being labeled an "endorsement whore" whatever in God's name that is...

MysteryMachineX posted his modding guide and specifically asked people not to flame his mod...
But that didn't stop RoyBatty and TgSpy from calling his mod "trolling" and "garbage" on his mod page... a violation of Nexus Forum Rules BTW.

So? What's up guys? have you all just decided to be jerks? Like deliberately?
I got into this hobby for fun.. and it is. But this type of behavior ruins it... not just for me... but for many.
Do you think people don't see the behavior? Or don't notice? They do, and they have.

It's funny, because a few days before this final incident, i chatted with RoyBatty for a few minutes on Discord and I thought we had a nice chat.
But I thought it was odd that early on in the conversation he said "I'm not an asshole" almost out of the blue.
For someone who's not an asshole, and I say this as a blanket on the whole "team"... yall sure do a lot of assholeish things.
Heck I would even forgive all this if you guys actually lived up to your own high opinions of yourselves.
But your mods are just as broken and buggy as every other mod I download. I spend more time fixing your mistakes than playing the game.
So I came here to "finish the job" and give you an excuse to ban me from this forum too...
Feel free to prove my point further...

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Re: Might as well finish the job...

Post by Risewild » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:24 pm

Hey there.

I have no idea what is happening on Discord, since I haven't been there for quite a few months now. My life is hectic and I don't have much time to be over at the chat.

What you posted worries me. I haven't seen such behaviour in the past. :shock:

I can't answer for the team, since I'm totally out of the loop here, but I will check it out and try to find out what happened. :shock:

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Re: Might as well finish the job...

Post by RoyBatty » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:40 pm

I'm not even going to address this post.

Enjoy your ban.

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Re: Might as well finish the job...

Post by Death_Reaper56 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:08 pm

They arent being jerks. They just dont want people breaking TTW with mod's that arent compatible like FNC.MachineEx is known for not giving a damn if something doesnt work for someone else because they only care if it works for them. The team just doesnt want to deal with the headache of people breaking TTW with something that isnt compatible.

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