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TTW/MO2 Semi-Noob questions from an old man

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:54 am
by drhamm
Disclaimer: I'm not stupid, but I AM old, autistic, and on pain meds for a spine injury, so please consider that this combination may mean I didn't quite catch or extrapolate some things might be obvious to most.

Relevant Background:
I've been playing FO3, FNV, FO4, Skyrim, etc., for several years now on both Windows and Linux (thank the gods for WINE, and more recently, Steamplay), and my mod manager of choice on Windows has always been NMM--now using the community maintained and updated version, which handles the new ESL files, etc. I usually play fairly heavily modded games, have uploaded a few of my own mods (as drhamm at Nexus)--including a couple for TTW2--and have used XEdit to merge plugins, with varying degrees of success, to get around plugin limits. I played TTW2, and managed mods for it with NMM.

As prep to install TTW3, I watched the TTW3 installation instructions at, and have just installed fresh copies of FO3 and FNV and run the launchers. And that is where I stopped for now, because I am unsure how to proceed.

My stupid Newbie Issues/Questions:
How essential is it to use MO2 instead of NMM? I installed MO2, and attempted to follow the video instructions, but MO2 only seems to want to manage Oblivion. With TTW2, NMM worked fine, and I just installed everything to my FNV data folder. Is there perhaps walkthrough that is even more MO2-beginner-friendly? I love the idea of virtual installation to preserve a pristine data folder, but after two attempts (aborted before any changes were actually made), I'm simply still NOT getting this. If I only plan to play a moderately-modded TTW, should I just install TTW to the data folder (the default option) and take my chances with the latest community-supported NMM, since I'm already used to it?

Re: TTW/MO2 Semi-Noob questions from an old man

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:49 am
by RoyBatty
NMM is not supported by us, doesn't mean it won't work, just none of use it anymore and you're on your own if you want to use it.

MO2 will not find your installs until you run the default launchers to set the registry keys.

If you install TTW directly to your data folder, MO2 can detect it as a TTW install, however this is not required (I installed into an NV profile myself).

MO2 is much more powerful than just virtual installs, it also allows you to control asset priority like you can already control plugin priority. This is it's greatest strength and well worth the learning curve. As for tutorials, there is many many by gamer poets, gopher, etc. It also allows you to have different ini setups between profiles, and I use to also have TTW and NV installs both vanilla and modded. The only thing it lacks for now is dedicated overwrite folders for each profile.

TTW 3 is an entirely different beast than 2.x. Same as 1.x was different entirely than RFCW, and 2.x was entirely different than 1.x. However it is the final iteration I think at this point as everything is coming together to work as it should and has become easier to mod. The lack of mods is more on the community than us, and I simply haven't got time to work on other peoples mods anymore.

Re: TTW/MO2 Semi-Noob questions from an old man

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:11 pm
by jlf65
What I found easiest for TTW was to run the installer (as admin) from Windows, not from within the mod manager, and point the output to a temporary directory. Once the installer had made all the files inside that temporary directory, I made an archive with 7zip. Then I could delete the temporary directory and use the mod manager to install the 7zip archive like any other mod for NV. That makes it very easy to control exactly what gets used, as I can turn TTW on or off for TTW or plain NV (I need plain NV for testing my NV mods). I also have the 7zip archive in case I need to resetup TTW for whatever reason (dead drive/new drive/whatever). The one thing to remember when you do that is to make sure you also get the modified ini files that wind up in the game folder under your user. The install page here also tells you how to manually change the ini files. Those ini files go into the profile directory you use for TTW in MO2 if you use MO2. So my MO2 profile directory has profile directories for TTW3 and Plain NV; the changed ini files are in the TTW3 directory, and the regular ini files are in the Plain NV directory. That's one of the nice things about MO2 - not just switching between mods, but between profiles (ini files) between mods as well.

Re: TTW/MO2 Semi-Noob questions from an old man

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:23 pm
by drhamm
Thanks, folks.

I ended up just running the installer and using NMM to install a few mods (like iStewie's tweaks), and so far everything is great (knock on wood). Seems smoother than TTW 2.x, or is that my imagination?

So yeah. So far, so good. Once Vurts is ready for 3.2, I'll be in heaven.

Thanks again!