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bosky2102 wrote:

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So any eta when this will be out?


It's going to be a long time, but don't worry. The start of it is currently being worked on.

With Fallout 4 now out, I want to make sure that nothing about my story interferes with the canon.

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I've updated the Courier's

Post by Nord Ronnoc » Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:38 am

I've updated the Courier's look in Fallout 4, using his likeness for the husband. I'm currently playing as the wife BTW. The link's still there, so check it out!

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After learning about the

Post by CourierandWanderer » Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:41 pm

After learning about the story of Fallout 4, I am going to do some changes. Sarah Lyons dies, and the Brotherhood of Steel in DC is reformed by Arthur Maxson. I'd rather not go against any major elements of the lore.

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Same here. And speaking of

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Same here. And speaking of fanfiction, guess which one's finished? I've finished one starring the Lone Wanderer.

It's called All the World's a Stage.

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Wow, I hoping to find such a

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Wow, I hoping to find such a thread and here it is no digging. I have an honest question: how do you write a GOOD Fallout 3 story?

Cause I spent a year, a full year working on a Fallout 3 fanfiction and I found the characters are flat. Like, I'm trying to do a New Vegas fanfic now as my writing skills still need to be polished, but in New Vegas, you have a plethora of interesting characters, the world makes sense, and thus the all important place in the world for the character is possible, and there's even an internal struggle for my Courier: she's terrified of crossing the Legion.

By contrast, in Fallout 3, you've got three problems:

1. The "Lone Wanderer" has no place in the above ground world. I tried to alievate this by having the Vault being able to pick up above ground radio, so they aren't completely clueless, yet they know no one, have no attachment to no one, and there isn't enough time to develop one because:

2. The Lone Wanderer is after their dad, which is unlike the quest in Fallout 1 and 2, in that it always has immediate importance. Every day they don't pursue Dad, a day further away Dad gets.

3. There's no place for internal struggle. They can't go back to Vault 101, and wouldn't after what the Overseer put them through, gainful employment is negligible and there are no meaningful choices; chosing to nuke Megaton or not is not a meaningful choice for a non-sociopath, and my Lone Wanderer is close to a sociopath. Moreover, the writing group I working with got sick by the end of it because literary every 500 feet there's a gunfight in DC, and it got tiring to them. It got tiring for me to write gunfights. Because nothing advanced the plot.

I wrote something like 150 pages and in that time five things happened: they hooked up with the Regulators, they got side tracked by power of the atom, stopped the Superhuman Gambit they fought a Behemoth and fought their way to Rivet City. But there's no time for emotional growth, there's not even enough time for PTSD to set in. And worst of all, they can't make any sense of this world: there are so many raiders, and there's nothing to raid. There's all these Supermutants, what the hell do they eat? Why do people live in a crater when there's a nice, flat town nearby that can be walled off?

Unlike FO4, which has a beefy (if poorly executed) main quest that can be expanded to the exclusion to the gameplay, FO3 has a paper thin main quest with poor integration of it's side quests. Unlike New Vegas, where if you work for anyone but the Legion, almost all the sidequests are framed around fortifying the Mojave for the battle at Hoover Dam.

I don't think it's good material. Even things I enjoyed like Point Lookout don't make for good stories. SO how do you make a good Fallout 3 fanfic when the base material is so poor?

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A good Fallout 3 fic needs to

Post by jlf65 » Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:42 am

A good Fallout 3 fic needs to be based on someone other than The Lone Wanderer. The game pretty well beats that horse to death, and then some. There's nothing left you can write that someone hasn't already played in the game. You need a character from the wasteland. They don't even need to know or meet TLW. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. A nice short story could be something as simple as a day in the life of Agatha. The point is, focus on the characters, not the settings. The settings are just that, background, and that's where they should stay.

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Re: Fallout FanFiction

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CourierandWanderer wrote:
Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:22 pm
You know, this gigantic mod of yours has left me with one crazy idea. Have any of you heard of a site called FanFiction? Well, I was thinking about writing a story about the Lone Wanderer's adventures, from the Capital Wasteland to the Mojave where he became the Courier. It would probably be long, so maybe it would be more than one "book"; and I was also thinking about including a few events that would give the Wanderer a reason for traveling west and leaving his home behind. The structure of the story will be somewhat reminiscent to TTW, as the Wanderer later becomes the Courier. Will it involve a modded TTW, that's what I'm trying to determine; but I do know that I'm giving the Wanderer's FO3 companions plus Sarah Lyons a big part.
The Wanderer will be male and with good karma. The story itself will be narrated by the Wanderer as an old man, talking about many of his past experiences. It'll be somewhat a story written after himself, not like the one that Moira Brown eventually writes. In his writing, he will describe it as his true story, what really happened besides what various wasteland historians would be saying. For example, some people may say that he disappeared from the Capital Wasteland in the year 2297, but what if that happened at a different time? Some would say that the Wanderer and the Courier were two different people. Were they really? As the old saying goes: "You can't judge a book by its cover."
That sounds brilliant! I'm doing something similar, except my character is a woman. Her name is Celeste Dalton; it's nothing but notes right now, but I'm wondering whether to stick to the game's canon or to change a few things. I've already had to alter the character's birth date, since the math between FO3 and "Lonesome Road" conflicts. Can't decide which ending to choose, but the story will be in 1st person (with a 3rd person prologue before her 10th birthday). I'm thinking of including all the DLCs, since they're interconnected with both main stories, and maybe a few side quests. I may or may not omit Moira's epilogue, but I'm not sure. Mine's nothing but notes. People keep theorizing about the time between games when the Wanderer loses their memory when thy get shot, but it seems too sad for me.

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