Using old saves after reinstalling?

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Using old saves after reinstalling?

Post by Papa0710 » Sat Feb 25, 2023 11:22 pm

Long story short, something happened to my game while playing honest hearts and I constantly keep crashing. I've been having this issue since the start where my game would crash after playing for around 15-20 min and I would sometimes get a R6106 runtime error from windows C++. I want to back up my saves and do a fresh install of TTW with maybe fewer mods to see if that settles my issues. I have 160 hours in this playthrough and I would really prefer not to lose all of that time. My question is, if i uninstall and reinstall TTW can I used my old saves that I've backed up to not lose all my progress?

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Re: Using old saves after reinstalling?

Post by Risewild » Sun Feb 26, 2023 1:51 am

Unfortunately saves rely on the mods installed when that save was created. Saves contain information created by the mods used and depend on those mods existing while playing the game.

It's the same reason why uninstalling mods during a playthrough is not recommended and shouldn't be done, because then the save tries to use information specific from the mods used, but the mods aren't there anymore. The game then starts having problems sooner or later and it can grow to a point where the saves get corrupted and or that playthrough will not work anymore due to errors.

There are exceptions to this, but those are just simple replacer (like retextures) mods that don't require a plugin (.esp and .esm) to be used.

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