Thank You TTW team :)

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Thank You TTW team :)

Post by ChristopherC71 » Wed Jan 11, 2023 3:20 pm

Hello All,

I have been following TTW for just over five years. I had installed it several times as updates progressed and waited until I saw a stable window of version 3.1. I continued to upgrade as the newer versions came out and improve my load order of 169 mods. This does not include all the weapons and outfit mods I merged. I really enjoy modding a game to my preference of playstyle. This includes tweaking and working a mod order to a stable play through which is a labor of love (and frustration).

This morning I completed TTW through both games with 103 hours getting to level 45. I know I missed a fair number of quests along the way but I am satisfied with my NCR ending. The time that the TTW team put into making Fallout 3 play so nicely into the Fallout New Vegas engine is much appreciated. I have worked on past modding teams in other games and I know how the politics and groaning of the trolls can drain you. Seeing team members walk away that you have counted on for pushing ahead and so much disappointment. Most large modding project don't make it to the finish line as in-fighting and lack of grit pull them down.

For those of you who contributed I thank you. For those of you who stayed the course over multiple years congratulations! I salute you and am grateful for the time I got to roleplay in a world that you helped generate and improve. As I stated 169 mods means a LOT of people contributed to my play through but TTW you were the core that picked up after the game studios were done. I don't know if I will do another play through again... It was my second time beating Fallout 3 and my 1st completing Fallout New Vegas.

Raising a glass to game modding authors of of all content! "May you weather the comments from trolls and entitled a$$ holes! Take pleasure in what you craft and those who appreciate your work." Thank You!! :D

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