Energy Weapon model changes

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Energy Weapon model changes

Post by 11lora » Thu Jan 05, 2023 2:50 pm

I love this mod, and am very grateful to have found it, and for all the work that has been done to produce it and make it accessible. The one thing that does cause an issue for me though is the reflex sights added to some of the energy weapons. In order to accommodate them, their position seems to have been changed in such a way that it is no longer possible to aim unless true iron sights is on, which I usually do not like for most weapons. The optics being the same color as the projectile only makes matters worse, as I have a hard time seeing where my shots are landing. Is there a simple way to revert these models to their originals while keeping every other change and not breaking the game? Everything else works great, and thanks to any reading this who may have been involved in creating TTW.

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Re: Energy Weapon model changes

Post by RoyBatty » Mon Jan 09, 2023 9:06 pm

The change is permanent.

The problem with not working with True Iron Sights off is an engine bug that I've requested be fixed.

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