Favorite Mods to use with TTW (What kind of Vault Dweller are you)

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Favorite Mods to use with TTW (What kind of Vault Dweller are you)

Post by wasdwasd12 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 9:27 am

hello Guys now i know i kinda got a bad Rep here but not banned on the fourms Yet....I know the recommended mods to use with TTW hasnt been updated in a mintue

But i been thinking looking over my list of mods it really makes me think.....What kind of Game does everyone here like to run...Are you a TTW Purist, like most on here that means a few mods to make some small changes but your cool with the vanilla game as it is.

Are you a Explorer Type ...Like installed mods with more to explore, like A World of Pain.

Are you Quality of Life kinda person, You know mods like the sims...i know the thing to find your Dad and or find the Chip and get Revenge on Benny, but what do you do in your down time in a post apocalyptic World. Mods well More Companions more ways to cook and more radio mods and mods to own more player homes. More Quest Mods.

or are you like me it like 50 more Weapons, Armor, Perks or bust lolz.

Guys im banned on the discord and i know a lot of you are like dude we not gonna do mod conversions for you learn it yourself and i slowly have been trying. Im a bit nervous to mess with the game when i gotten so mayn hours into it. But Please if you have some time come on down and talk a little bit.

This is Truly a great mod and I just want you all to share a little of it with me.

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