TTW Issues / Bugs

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TTW Issues / Bugs

Post by XxAarchangeLxX » Mon Oct 17, 2022 5:36 pm

So TTW is easily my favourite mod of all time for any Bethesda game. The concept of melding 2 games into 1 and making both better is just perfect. The only thing that comes close in my eyes is Skyrim Together, and will only be surpassed by the possible release of the Fallout 4 based projects that are re-creating these two games as mods. Until TTW4 combines those again.

That said, I'd like to post anything I find that's a bit off, out of order, or in need to possibly tuning to make things better. Some of this is objective, some is just my opinion. I'll be playing all of TTW all the way through, with all DLC.
I'll use "spoilers" to close up some sections here so it doesn't clutter too bad.

-Started in FO3.
Main Story 80%

The Pitt
Point Lookout

-New Vegas
Main Story 0%
- Scrap Metal Recipe
There's a recipe that takes metal Dinnerware and converts it to scrap. Ingredients:
The issue is the Tin Plates. So far, I have found so few that it makes the recipe seemingly useless to me. I have an abundance of the other materials, and it takes time to grab all that, stow it in a stash for hauling later due to carryweight, and then sort out at home after gathering said stashes across the map. Only to be left with little Scrap Metal to craft. With the volume of enemies to shoot at and access to an entire metal forge via The Pitt, it feels like limiting the crafting of Scrap Metal for balance (if that was the purpose) is odd.

I feel like adding a similar recipe using the metal "Dinner Plate" would round this out. Been garbing those too, as I made that recipe already. Getting more Scrap now, can make plenty of ammo, and the ammo crafting is balanced by the Powder anyway.

- Crafting Pre-War Books for Caps
So I was easily able to power-level and overflow my pockets with this at such an outstanding rate that it could be made into a Spiffing Britt YouTube video. In the Capital Wasteland is the Arlington Library. Scribe Yearling grants the quest "Yearning for Learning".

Each Pre-War book grants 100 caps and 10xp. She would only take the Green books before (Base ID FO3 & FNV 000C5D24) of which in Fallout 3 there were 101 including DLC, according to the Wiki. Fallout NV has another 115 Green Books as well, also across all DLC.
This creates 216 books scattered across both wastelands, and I believe this already balances the scales.
You'd get 21,600 Caps and 2,160xp total.

However not only does Yearling take any Pre-War Book variant (as far as I can tall thus far), but the perk Voracious Reader allows you to convert all verities of destroyed books into Blank Magazines at a 1:1 ratio, then into Pre-War Books at a 25:1 Ratio. And it's that same Green Variant. Which means Yearling takes them.

More Info:
So now every 25 Destroyed Books become Blank Magazines, multiplying their value by x5 for the same weight. Then you can craft those into a book worth 20% (1/5) less, but crams 100 caps of value into 1 weight and grants 10xp.
And it invalidates the "Yearning for Learning" quest, as these crafted books wouldn't contain any knowledge of use, unless the character is recording something different and extensive in every single one.
So that's about 1,200 - 1,300 books you can get total. Around 130,000 caps and 13,000 xp. Enough XP to go from 1 - 13 instantly.
What I would do is edit the Recipe from Voracious Reader to grant "Blank Books" from the NV OWB DLC instead of Pre-War books. The Book Chute in OWB could still be used on Pre-War Books to make Blank Books.

As for Yearling, I don't know what would be best. Ideas:
She could be set to Green Only, and reward the 216 green books across both wastelands. She could take all books, meaning almost 1,300 books. Tho some are inaccessible, or can be used to make Blank Books for Skillbooks. But the cost of Ammo and some Weapons could justify it.
If she was still taking them all, I'd do something like: (give or take, could balance better)
- T-51b in Fort Constantine
After the hoops you need to go through to get this armor, it seems kind-of lackluster. By this time, I had picked up a set of T-51b from Outcasts, Brotherhood, and Winterized.
My suggestion, make it a Hardened T-51b with the stets of Enclave Hellfire armor, and put a standard set in the same room, nearby. You still go through the same effort to get both, but the Hardened one in the forcefield would feel like more of the real reward.
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Re: TTW Issues / Bugs

Post by Laclongquan » Tue Oct 18, 2022 6:01 pm

when you get access to VR perk you should already too high level, 28, to need yearling xp and caps. So its not that bad.

You just have to excersise selfcontrol and dont do Yearling quest, is all.

The combo of f3 and fnv means there is some situtation that cost too much to affect so little.

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Re: TTW Issues / Bugs

Post by RoyBatty » Sat Oct 22, 2022 3:04 am

The Tin Plate thing is a nice find, we can add a recipe for the tin dinner plates. This recipe was added in NV, and F3 just doesn't those placed in the world. This is an oversight on our part, as there is a lot of recipes to account for.

The Book thing is intentional, as it was confusing that she just says pre-war books and there is 7 kinds of pre war books. In development Bethesda changed it, she used to buy SKILL books, when they did the change, they did not add the script to the other pre-war books. It can be exploited yes, but I figured if someone wants to go to the hassle of slogging books back from NV (say from Mr House's penthouse) then why should I stop them from doing so. There's less than 1000 books placed in F3, so its not really that OP until you get Voracious Reader which as noted is around level 30 and at that point, it's moot anyways because Fortune Finder is just as OP.

P.S. there are other turn in exploits too you have not found yet. ;)

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