Automating Outcast Collection, cuthroat rate.

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Automating Outcast Collection, cuthroat rate.

Post by Laclongquan » Mon Aug 23, 2021 5:01 am

I would like to make a suggestion follow the line of Sierra Madre Vending machine, but apply to Casdin trading routine.

1. It's in a vending machine next to Casdin. You use it because you might want to trade too many items that talking to Casdin is a chore. And items that you normally dont trade to Casdin, like a full value plasma rifle, for example, because it's not economically beneficial.

2. It use its own currency, say Outcast chits. Value it as 10 bottle caps, then.

3. It buy back Casdin-applicable item at half value, say a 1000-bottlecap plasma rifle you normally dont trade to Casdin, you can sell back to it at 500 bottlecap, using chits is 50 chits.

4. It sell items that Casdin can give out, but at 2 times rated value. Say a super stimpack worth 150, it will sell at 300 bottlecaps. But people choose to buy at that price because maybe they want big amount of one specific item. Like Hydra, maybe.

5. its value is in bulk trading. You can trade better with Casdin if you bother to click dialog. But you can do it faster with it. Like, 20 plasma weapons in one go, instead of 60 click with Casdin which can drive you bored out of your mind.

6. Its function dont use barter formula so high barter player can not exploit it. And its cuthroat rate is very hard to exploit in other ways. Its main uses are bulk trading and save your clickings.

7. Its barter goods include all chems, all alcohols, all prewar canned foods, classical example of trading with illiterate natives in history. And Casdin- approved items, of course.

So how about it, people?

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