TTW 3.2.2 : Assault rifles and variants feel too powerful

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Re: TTW 3.2.2 : Assault rifles and variants feel too powerful

Post by Panzermann11 » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:23 pm

RoyBatty wrote:
Sat Jul 24, 2021 6:34 am
Both of you knock it off.

You are free to mod TTW how you like, I have to balance the weapons to fill their role as laid forth by NVs 5 tier system there are HUNDREDS more weapons with both NV and F3 and the last thing that was needed was yet another assault rifle that shoots 5.56. I have done extensive balancing over the last two years or so and continue to do so and I have 4000 hours of play testing, so don't get snotty with me about that. The Assault rifle is a useless weapon anywhere past about level 10, it can't do enough damage even with AP rounds to kill anything except the lowest level enemies.

3.2.2 doesn't have the best balance because we were still using the old way of trying to make Fallout 3 fit NV's mechanics. Well I've changed that for the next version to make it more of a blend between games.

3.3 has further balance changes that are extensive from the economy (F3 style) to weapon (tiers and damage) and armor balancing (DR and DT), to enemy health and balancing (including fatigue for unarmed) and thousands of other changes.

I will reiterate, TTW is NOT Fallout 3 in New Vegas' engine and it NEVER will be so don't even suggest it, I will ignore it.
I see your point, and it's fair enough. Here's to hoping for the next update.

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