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This rules, I'm an idiot

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:23 pm
by rkimbal45
So, sometime Last year I started replaying Fallout 3. Loaded with the mods I like(powered power armor to be more like FO4, hunger sleep etc mods, backback mods weapon mod kit, etc) I played about 50-60 hours. put it down for awhile and then picked it up again recently played another 10 or so hours. At this point I happen upon a video with ENB enabled TTW and it looks and plays amazing. so i hunt down the mod, find that it plays very well, that all the mods I like to use are either already native in NV or available in much better versions for TTW. So thank you mod teams cause FO3 plays the best it could play...and I'm such an idiot cause now I have to start over again. :)