With advent of TTW 3.3, suggestion for TTW + mod paraphernalia guide

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With advent of TTW 3.3, suggestion for TTW + mod paraphernalia guide

Post by Himself » Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:08 pm

Hi peeps and as always, sorry to bother!! ;)

You modders in general and TTW team are amazing and no amount of praising will do justice!

With that said, let me try to propose a change, because 'just maybe' there are cards wich TTW Team and mod scene could be playing better.

Most players stumble upon a barrier when thinking about using mods, for Bethesda games this barrier is a ton higher in the sky and can quickly lead to a shitstorm of complexity.
The average user normally deals with this ordeal by employing the help of 'unofficial guides' and/or large sets of instructions/directions. In a way, guides are the "tool" used by the average player, just like modders use GECK, xEdit and etc. Here lies A problem because TTW has no guides, TTW itself can be intimidating to begin with due to the size of the proposal/undertaking.

Besides my own questions/doubts, there are many others asked over and again at the forums and discord chat. Plus having to "hunt" for all the information wich feels like reading a huge tech book except its pages are scattered across the internet (gotta catch 'em all!), usually ends up taking a long time and often we get kinda drained-out of the will to play before beggining.

So while this may seem unecessary or even a bother (to modders and advanced users wich I guess comprise the bulk of TTW crowd), and the team certainly has no obligation to, putting up a "TTW General Modding Guide" would be amazing for mostly everybody, even advanced users and wise modders will benefit as they spend less time answering queries, and can more widely-easily track mod compatibility all around in a larger scope.

Just a suggestion and dunno if there is internal reluctance from TTW members or other cons against it, afterall the pros should outweight the cons, but heres the suggestion:

Open a new TTW Team spot for "guide writer/maintainer", its probably too late for 3.2, but can do wonders for 3.3.

Obviously such a guide would never be official or an absolutely MUST FOLLOW, but nevertheless a major hub and guideline for installing mods with TTW without breaking it (or breaking it but "for the record", in a controlled environment). Just have that usual disclaimer at top: This guide is unofficial, always a work in progress and, due to the ever changing nature of modding, will never be finished. Guide will also stop and be put aside in favor of a new one if a newer TTW version (3.4 or who knows) comes, or when a big enough time without guide updates occur, hinting that this guide is no longer maintained and thus has become deprecated. Use at your own discretion!

I'm sure there are people who would be willing to take the position of guide creator for TTW + extra mods, and hopefully people with more than enough knowledge to do so, whats better yet is that such a guide would be amazing due to the person in charge having access to top modders, wich may help him/her along.

Another useful feature of these guides is that they usually sort mods in categories:
1 - Core (basic mods that are practically a necessity)
2 - Extras (mods that will add content/change areas in a bigger way)
3 - Optionals (mods such as textures or that alternate gameplay wich may not be to everybodys taste/necessity)
4 - Extreme (mods to be used with care or avoided unless the user really wants it, mostly stuff still in testing stages or has inconsistencies/needs some fixing)

Dunno what would be necessary for a person to be eligible for this TTW team spot, probably free time to constantly write/edit the guide page and expand/keep updated, enough interest to stay hooked at the game and testing/trying new mods, also good and concise writing/explanation skills, a decent (or at least basic) degree of knowledge in using the tools (MO2, xEdit, LODGen & etc)... sorry that at this point I'm trying hard to second guess you peeps wich is rude from me and beyond the scope of this post.

Anyways, pretty please consider the suggestion!!

Guides that I've used in the past:
https://wiki.step-project.com/User:EssA ... utNewVegas

Guides that I've tried to use but were unfinished or dropped ATM, yet learned some nice tips there:
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