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To the great mind who started this idea no quiting

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:10 am
by HeyokahShadowOfLight
First Hello everyone, I just joined this form. I have been hearing much about the TOTW for a couple of months. Regardless of my life and how the last twelve years passed. I played FO3 4 times 12 years ago, even taking a bit of moding to fix my own weapons and armor. I do not yet believe the effort being put here and the thousands or millions it can bring back to this game. This effort must be supported to even start taking the shape it should take. I am very excited to play it but waiting to learn how to port my favorite modes that people stopped supporting. With my hat down for the original creator of this Ultra Mod / new game. this should be -planned to expand forever until it can reach the whole world and even space. this is a world I live in better than I live in this screwed up reality where we are truly heading to our destruction. I fought all my life to be another drop in an ocean made of a multitude of drops (per Cloud Atlas movie). At least in the game, I get to steam out on all the hateful things being done to we the people without hurting any of us. I was one of the top 5% in the USA as a chief Architect / Technologist who had everything. Now I do not know where or how I would live the next month since what is left of my fortune is confiscated and I live under the will of the gangster who decides when to pass me my own money. Listen to me, this under your hands is the real solution to the original architecture fallout should have been planned under. My memory is almost gone but my thinking and abstraction/visualization abilities are still here. You do not need me, you just need maybe to spend an hour talking to me on the phone before you quit, or break out because I just did this with something I was doing online and due to some .... just decided I will take a break and then never went back. this is what you are going to do.
Let's talk with steam, Discord, the builder of the game, the fans, put future plans and self-finance this idea you just barely started to touch on. From one who turned his back to the world and everything that meant something in it do not do it. there is not one game in this world better than what we have here even with all its problem, just remember the first time you walked in the waste land on your own.