Should i use the ini file on WSG that's for NVTF?

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Should i use the ini file on WSG that's for NVTF?

Post by Pinhead555 » Sun Mar 05, 2023 5:18 pm

I followed through the best of times guide and set-up the game then moved on to wasteland survival guide for more mods. But looking at essential mods on WSG there is an ini file to download for NVTF that wasn't on BoT guide. Should i use this?

It changes the following settings:

; Modifies the vanilla DirectX 9 behavior. Settings are under [DirectX].
bModifyDirectXBehavior = 1 (Default is 0)

; Alternate GTC fix which is more compatible with older systems, but not as accurate.
bAlternateGTCFix = 1 (Default is 0)

; Improves overall performance.
;Setting this option to 2 will make the game smoother but potentially more unstable
iTweakRCSafeGuard = 1 (Default is 2)
;Even more performance tweaks
bTweakMiscRendererSafeGuard = 1

;Patch for the water LOD bug
bWaterLODPatch = 1 (Default is 0)

Rest is same. Im assuming WSG is up-to-date since it says it's for 3.3.2?

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