Re: Ideas for unique textures/models/effects/etc

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Ideas for unique textures/models/effects/etc

Post by spartanseth » Thu Feb 23, 2023 12:41 am

So, according to the TTW design doc, a good amount of uniques don't have anything planned yet - which is fair. Here are some of my suggestions.

Pa's Fishing Aid: A shell saddle on the stock holding various fish hooks, fishing rod wire's strung around the barrel, as if put there as a spare - possibly have some spots be partially showing signs of salt water corrosion?

Nail Gun: "The Spiker" - An impromptu carbine version of the Nailgun. Given a lead pipe as a "STOCK", the shaft of a hammer being used as a fore-grip, with a very rudimentary reflex sight akin to whats seen in Fallout 4's pipe weapons.

Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun: "Suppressing Fire" - Double magazine capacity, slightly reduced RoF, slightly reduced accuracy. Has a a more tan coloring for its polymers/metals, along with shark teeth on the front near the barrels.

The Terrible Shotgun: Cracked stock with zip-ties holding it together. Gun is covered in rust & scratches. Drum magazine has a crudely drawn skull on it, along with electrical tape. The muzzle at the end is somewhat mangled, which help explains its horrendous accuracy - lmao.

Bear Trap Fist: "Pincher" - Teeth are jagged & bent, pressure pad has a smiley face on it. Would deal more damage, and have a stacking bleed DoT effect.

12.7mm SMG: "Biohazard" - has some various bits of tech added to it (similar to the Zhu-Rhong Pistol), along with a painted on biohazard symbol on that green area that looks like a magwell. Would deal small amounts of stacking poison damage with each round.

Commando Armor: Various ammo pouches, bandoliers, with a knife sheathe on the pauldron (similar to the NCR Ranger armor)

Leather Rebel: Replace the weird apron with a sleeveless biker jacket, replace the jeans with brown cargo pants (similar to that found on the Merc Grunt outfit) , and a necklace of some sort (Crucifix, Ankh, w/e - it did come from a desert priest) - and lastly, a small satchel (similar to prospector outfit)

Thats all I have (for now at least). Let me know your thoughts.
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Re: Ideas for unique textures/models/effects/etc

Post by Ragnor » Thu Feb 23, 2023 1:50 pm

Nice one m8!
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