A bit of personal feedback and endorsement to TTW

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A bit of personal feedback and endorsement to TTW

Post by zz3000 » Tue Aug 02, 2022 6:04 pm

First of all I don't know how many people there are like me but I still haven't finished all the DLCs nor both main stories in f03 and fnv. I know I could have but I got the games couple of years after the release and went straight up modding them which usually ended up in corrupt saves down the line and hence I never did finish them.

Anyway it has been couple of years since I played TTW and I decided to reinstall it again and I have to say I am amazed with how much more stable the entire game works. I want to give my thanks to the entire development team for doing a great job and still keep doing it for us gamers. I also noticed there are quite a few new "stability" mods since my last attempt at doing a playthrough like NVTickFix, StewieAI tweaks etc. I have a good feeling now about my setup and I am happy with how it performs. I managed to retexture the game mostly with 4k textures and little bit of 2k. And I run about 90 plugins mostly gameplay improvements and couple of quest mods.

I was amazed how great the game looks on a 4k display. But even with the 4gb patch game was getting weird texture problems, and reason was it was having memory issues so I thought dang I am either going to have to cut on graphics or it won't work in a long run. What helped me to keep the graphics was ENBoost. I am not trying to "invent a hot water", I'm just trying to give someone with similar issue and idea about what helped me get high quality graphics on a 32 bit engine. I never used ENB before and after I put it, it actually helped me a lot with black texture issues I had before. I got to play 6 hours straight without a crash, slowdown or any kind of black texture which usually happens after reloading or fast traveling a lot etc.

I would like to quote what the author of ENB said
This is adaptation of code i did for TES Skyrim to reduce memory usage of the game and to fix most CTDs (crashes to desktop) because of "out of memory" issue when many mods installed. Don't know if this problem exist for Fallout games, but let it be, if it's important, i'll add this to ENBSeries for Fallout, but now it's just a patch without any changes to graphics. What it's doing? Utilize your videocard memory much better, compress resources and send them to enbhost.exe process, so you can install more mods with x64 OS (up to 4 gb game use by default and with this it's max about 10 gb at this moment).
Whether or not the game can use up to 10GB of VRam or not i don't know. In my game MSI Afterburner shows about 3.6GB VRam usage after I load a save and it climbs up to 4.7GB after I fast travel a lot. Anyway I will stop ranting and just say that I am happy with my setup, I feel like I am playing a remaster, and I wanted to say thank you to entire TTW team for giving us a gem of a mod. Best wishes.

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Re: A bit of personal feedback and endorsement to TTW

Post by RoyBatty » Sat Aug 06, 2022 9:46 am

You just didn't setup NVTF correctly, you can ditch ENBoost. All you have to do is turn the texture mirroring off and you shouldn't have problems. Also make sure you're using mod limit fix as it fixes the open files handle limit.

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