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Consider the rail line a work

Post by JaxFirehart » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:09 am

Consider the rail line a work in progress. My vision (this is the first I've said it aloud, so its not set in stone) is to do very much like you suggested. After completing the wasteland survival guide you are contacted by the bos who are looking into repairing the rail line. You get a free ticket, hop on the train and begin your journey. As you travel across the country, you stumble onto sections of track that need repairing in order to continue. You must either pay the locals to fix it, persuade them, intimidate them or do a quest (or some combination of those options) after which they repair the tracks and you continue on. Eventually you reach New Vegas. After you have been to NV and completed Mothership Zeta, you can teleport directly from the ship to either NV or DC making another travel method.

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Lore-wise, the East BoS is

Post by ElvenScoundrel » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:11 am

Lore-wise, the East BoS is essentially excommunicated from the Western BoS, so that alone falls flat. I think one of the best ways to make travel between both Wastelands is caravans. Of course, I can see a train working. If people can make the Hoover Dam work, I'm pretty damn sure they can make a train work.


But as of Honest Hearts, Caravans used to travel to New Canaan, which is in Utah. So I can see Caravans going from Utah to Colorado, from Colorado to Kansas, etc. You can hitch rides with more than one Caravan from Nevada to Washington, and it wouldn't be very far-fetched. Caravans usually take safe routes, and they usually have bodyguards or mercenaries with 'em, so the trip there COULD be relatively safe. Of course, this trip would take quite a long time.

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Excommunicated is a bit

Post by JaxFirehart » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:56 am

Excommunicated is a bit extreme, the western BoS never disowned Lyons' BoS, they are just no longer sending support, which still kind of kills this idea. Of course with the Mojave BoS all but dead, it would make good sense for them to try to set up lines of supply and communication.

All that in mind, it might make more sense for a caravan company to want to set up a railway rather than BoS.

I'm not stubborn about keeping the train travel method, but chuck and ugsquish put much effort into the building the stations, I would hate to see all that work go to waste.

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If I'm remembering correctly

Post by Ein » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:57 am

If I'm remembering correctly it's not so much that the Eastern Brotherhood was excomunicated as they were simply cut off. Elder Lyons is officially an Elder, but with that also came a complete stoppage of support with regards to supplies and personel. Given that even if the Western Brotherhood fully backed Lyon's mission they don't have the resources to do anything about it and even the Brotherhood in the Mojave is fairly cut off. The ties still exist though, especially in the form of Arthur Maxson who is for lack of a better word Brotherhood Royalty.

As for the travel time, I think I remember hearing/reading somewhere or other that it took around 3 months for Lyon's group to stumble from one end of the country to the other. The Brotherhood of course are a trained military organization so it stands to reason they were able to make much better time than a caravan could, even without an established trail. Though given that it has been roughly what? 20 years since the Brotherhood came to DC there has got to be someone out there has established a route.

Or you could just fly like the Enclave did. It's not like Vertibirds run out of power. Though that would be more of a post Broken Steel adventure, unless you somehow stole a Vertibird triggered an auto-pilot and wound up in the Mojave instead of Navaro or something.

Ultimately you guys are going to do whatever it is you're going to do, either because no one can convince you to rethink your position, or because you've found a solution that is simply more efficient regardless of it was the initial goal. One way or the other, I look forward to seeing what it is that happens.

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There are a lot of ways you

Post by thermador » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:11 pm

There are a lot of ways you could travel between the wastelands, but none of them solve the problem of what to do with the Fallout 3 main quest if you start in New Vegas.  It's SO much easier to just start in DC and do the character gen there.  Then, once the DC chargen is complete, if they want to head straight off to NV and let dear old dad rot, then let them go for it.

Maybe this should just be the defacto method in TTW and then the NV start-point and/or quickstart could be included in an additional mod.  It would certainly make TTW easier to complete if there was only one "standard" way to start the game.

The only idea I have for a realistic, sensical way to start in NV and go to DC would be: find a note / get a letter / somehow start a quest about your dad being seen in DC and a way to travel there.  Once travel is complete, skip the whole vault 101 thing and start off in megaton searching for your dad.

Speaking of travel methods, here are the notes I have on travel methods.  Maybe we should build them all!  That would be really cool.


  • Pros: already built, could easily be expanded as Jax described, with more stops and quests to fix parts of the line

  • Cons: needs more work to expand realism


  • Pros: already built - see AbsoluteAnarchy's travel mod, which I have contributed to.  Also, decently realistic and easy to port to TTW.  And it has videos!

  • Cons: needs more work to expand realism


  • Pros: very realistic, lore-appropriate, and easy to build a simple setup where you just talk to people and then you travel straight to the other wasteland.  It could be expanded to include many stops and quests like the way Jax described for the rail.

  • Cons: would need to be built, could get complicated.

Mothership Zeta (or some other alien tech)

  • Pros: awesome!

  • Cons: would need to be built, could get complicated, would likely require that people at least start the Zeta quest.


  • Pros: arguably the most realistic

  • Cons: would require a massive amound of work to generate all of the terrain and encounters to walk from NV to DC.  Lots of roadbuilding.

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The train would actually make

Post by JaxFirehart » Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:27 pm

The train would actually make a lot more sense if it were initiated from the NV side. The NCR is trying to expand their domain and having a train that covers half the country is an excellent step toward that.

The vertibird method is awesome, but vertibirds are hard to come by even in the NCR, so it would need to be difficult or expensive for the player to acquire.

The caravan is the longest of the travel methods, and I basically agree with everything you said...

Zeta travel method is the fastest and would actually be pretty easy to code you just have to do mothership zeta first.

Walking I don't think will make it into TTW any time soon, if ever. The shear amount of man hours required to implement that is rediculous.

Seeing those options, I would like to implement them all. I would like the vertibird to be a quest of sorts to repair/upgrade a vertibird so it can make the journey, Zeta is basically ready as it sits, where you have to finish a quest in order to use it. I think the caravan should be the only way to get from DC to NV at first, then, once the player has been there, they can teleport from Zeta, or upgrade the vertibird and fly.

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Good base mod for a zeta transport system

Post by protectorcrimson » Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:32 am

Good base mod for a zeta transport system

After being finished

and there is a  new vegas expansion.



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Just an update for everyone

Post by JaxFirehart » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:23 am

Just an update for everyone who cares: For now the travel method will go as it did before, you go to union station, buy your ticket and board a train to NV. The first time you do this, it plays the intro video from FNV, including you being shot in the head. I feel this does a good job of implying that you have forgottern everything that has happened between boarding the train and getting shot.

This is not final. I just think its an excellent temporary (if not permanent) solution.



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Sounds good to me. Simple,

Post by thermador » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:56 am

Sounds good to me. Simple, easy to implement, and importantly, it makes sense with the story and isn't immersion-breaking.

The rest of the transport stuff can be built in later or contributed by other team members.

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The idea of a

Post by Ein » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:14 am

The idea of a transcontinental rail line working and being something as simple as buying a ticket still really takes me out of the setting in a huge way. Considering it implies that there's a reason for them to have one, and that  there are people who routinely travel along it, maintain it and so on. It really makes most of the fallout 3 plot elements laughably pointless. The outcasts have absolutely no reason for being outcasts. The NCR has an actual government science program and a history of conflict with the Enclave making it hard to think they wouldn't become involved in project purity for their own reasons. Even if they were already spread thin. The brotherhood simply does not have the resources to even try something like that.

But I seem to be in the minority about this, and it's not gonna stop me from using the mod. I'll most likely just do my best to agressively ignore their being a train and use the coc command or something.

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