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This is what I want- In the

Post by Operatic_Vagrant » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:07 am

This is what I want- In the station the train west is, you have six securtrons standing there, who constantly sing Go West.

Alternatively, at level 20, you pick up a radio signal. It plays nothing but the above song.

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(Operation: Anchorage, The

Post by staryoshi06 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 4:05 am

(Operation: Anchorage, The guns of Anchorage quest) The paratrooper with a gauss rifle will be Elijah from Dead Money. There will be two crimson dragoons dressed as ghost people.

The firelance encounter is removed, and the alien blaster in the New Vegas encounter is replaced with the firelance.

If you attempt to use the NCR emergency radio in the CW, an NCR trooper may run up a day later, and report in to you, before dying of starvation. It is not possible to save him. If you use it in Operation Anchorage, he may materialise in, before an error sound plays and he dies. His dead body will be found outside the pod. If used in mothership zeta, he can be found in one of the rooms being studied (haven't played zeta yet, so not sure).

This holotape: will have 'head' replaced with 'booty' and the cap amount increased extremely (e.g. 347823478).

(Random location) A dead cazadore with a sign saying 'I thought we were safe!'. (Referring to how cazadores aren't in fallout 3)

(Random location) An undamageable raider with what appears to be a .32 pistol. He will attempt to shoot it, but it will make a clicking sound. He will then question where his ammo was, and then will simply disappear using the Operation: Anchorage animation, leaving the special '.32 pistol' which is a misc item and can be sold for 32 caps.

There will be a pulowski shelter with a skeleton named 'christine' in it, with an explosive collar.

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Yes, I realise it generally

Post by staryoshi06 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:38 am

Yes, I realise it generally refer to pop culture, however that doesn't mean it cannot refer to fallout 3 or other fallout games, or even just nothing at all. For example, the hovering space ship encounter in new vegas did not make a reference to anything at all.

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