Should TTW start in Vault 101 only?

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freakydoo wrote:

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chucksteel wrote:


just get a little frustrated we know people want a FNV start, they want to use Alt start mods! We are headding in that direction but, if we don't do one thing at a time then things will mess up and, people will complain that this or that doesn't work. 

Edit: Likely when we start working on the NV side we will close off the FO3 start for a time. Betting we will have people bitching that they can't start in Vault 101. 


ultimately this mod should be made like most mods... the way the modder wants it, your never going to make everyone happy and many have no clue what goes into modding , myself included. so it's a decision that should be left to the core ttw team with player input taken into account but not catered to. what your doing here is amazingly awesome! and yes i have many ideas, i dont expect to see all my ideas come to like cause in the end this is your project. that's the great thing about great projects, it inspires people and gets them excited. what that happens they naturally want to express those ideas to anyone who will listen.


Well said and I agree

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I played enough of Vault 101

Post by nathanj » Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:45 am

I played enough of Vault 101 thanks.  I was sick of it then and am not looking forward to it anymore.   Since the beginning levels of the game is often the best part (survival wise, constantly scounging just to survive) I like restarting game after I get to a certain point.  If it weren't for Alternate Start mods in the Fallout and TES games I would probably have stopped playing them awhile ago.  I honestly don't know how people can do the same start over and over and over and over ad nauseum.  Sometimes I just want to get the game going and not rehash the same cutscenes and scripted battles over and over again.  It just gets old.

I love that with the mods you can pick yoru starting location, faction alignment, starting gear etc.  and role play someone other than a boring Vault dweller all the time.  My current favorite is RPing a Robco Mechanic with the Alternate Start FNV mod.  :D

I would be perfectly happy with the option to choose NV or FO3 start though because the FNV start is fairly short and not as annoyingle long as the F03 Vault start.   At some point someone will make a small mod that lets you skip all that stuff on either start.

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Save you game at the exit of

Post by TJ » Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:32 am

Save you game at the exit of V101 and bam- instant short start for Fallout 3.

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TJ wrote:

Post by Risewild » Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:34 am



Save you game at the exit of V101 and bam- instant short start for Fallout 3.


Actually doesn't the game do that itself? IIRC the game creates a save right before the player goes into the world for the first time, which allows to customize the character again before leaving the cave using that save. cool

On a side note I used to hate vault 101 but after testing it so many times, I think I actually like it now cheeky.


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I think you're right, Rise. I

Post by TJ » Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:46 pm

I think you're right, Rise. I don't even do V101 anymore, I just load that save.

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One idea I had for an

Post by rylasasin » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:23 am

One idea I had for an "Immersive" Mojave start could go something like this:

Okay the fallout 3 video plays, Baby scene from the Cap Wasteland starts. You are born, your dad gives you your name, gene projection, mom dies, etc.

Right at this moment, you are given the option: "Is this a dream? Or is this reality? Do you wake up, or do you continue living the dream a while longer?"

If you choose to "wake up", a messagebox pops up that says "as you struggle to get yourself out of the dream, your life flashes before your eyes. In mere moments, 20 whole years flash before your eyes."

This cues another intro movie (NOT the FONV one) which is a very abridged version of your life in vault 101 and the cap wasteland. Starts with a with you as a baby going up to the "IM SPECIAL" book. Skip to dad saying "Revelation 21:6", Which skips to your birthday starting, which skips to butch saying "Gimmie that sweetroll", Then flashing forward to dad giving you the bb gun, then to you killing the radroach, then to dad saying "Goat Exam" Then to butch teasing amata, then to Brotch saying "You passed the goat", Then to Amata waking you up and saying "You've got to get out of here", Then to you shooting officer Mack, then to you opening the vault door, then to you looking around outside. 

Then it flashes forward to inside megaton where Lucas says "I'm Lucas Simms" Followed by "No, haven't seen anyone like that" Followed by you shooting up some raiders, then to you throwing a nade at some super mutants, followed by you finding the train station, then by you entering the train station.

It's a lot shorter than it sounds. Basically a super-abridged version of your time in the cap wasteland.

After this is done, you get a messagebox that says "As your distant past fades away, your more recent history catches up to you...." Cue the new Vegas intro, followed by the Doc Mitchel scene.

However, if you choose to remain asleep a while longer, the normal vault 101 scenes continue, up untill the escape from vault 101 part. Here you are given one more chance to start in the mojave again just as you open the vault door and step outside into the cave. A messagebox appears, along with a ghostly sounding voice of Doc Mitchell. The messagebox says "You hear a voice in your head, telling you to awaken. Question is, are they reality, or a figment of your imagination. Do you give into the kind, elderly voice, or pass it off as your imagination?"

If you pass it off, nothing happens. You reach the vault cave door, capital wasteland start.

However, if you choose to give into the voice, you instead get another flash of light, followed by another messagebox. This one says "As your dream of your life long past fades around you, a flashback of your more recent history rushes into your mind."

Then, "9 Years Later", followed by the New Vegas intro, and you wake up in Doc Mitchell's office. Que normal TTW FONV Doc Michell scene. 

There you go. Two chances to start in New Vegas. Both a really fast way, and a slow but more immersive way.

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Probably not the thread to

Post by It's Hex » Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:05 pm

Probably not the thread to put this in, I would move this to a issue thread in the bug tracker, or better yet search for this issue in forums and if you can't find anything just pop into chat and ask.

By the way this was a double post, sorry about that if any admin can remove the duplicate.

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Removed. And yes, you're

Post by TrickyVein » Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:03 am

Removed. And yes, you're right.

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I am staring PCs in both

Post by Iainmore » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:39 am

I am staring PCs in both locations. I am presently enjoying playing the Imperial Vegas Mod with one of my Goodsprings starts. I would like to send my troops east to kick some proverbial.

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i'm so confused by

Post by Puppettron » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:35 am

i'm so confused by @theRealRudy's post.  ttw puts both wastelands into FNV, why you gotta launch fo3 to play fo3 content?

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