Should TTW start in Vault 101 only?

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Honest question: why are

Post by subtledoctor » Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:41 pm

Honest question: why are people so concerned with the V101 startquest? I've only been playing a couple weeks, on 2.2a, but my starting procedure has been basically bulletproof:

1) Disable ALL mods other than TTW and the DLCs.

2) Play the FO3 start quest through until the Vault door closes behind me. You're level 1, standing looking at the door to the CW. SAVE GAME and never ever delete this save. 

3) Enable whatever mods you want to use, and load up that save. Go outside, and it will ask you if you want to change tagged skills, face, etc. It will also bump you to level 2 and prompt you to choose your first perk. 

4) Now, if you want to start a game in NV, just walk or coc to the train station, with liberal use of the "killall" console command, and get on the train. 

With that level 1 savegame, you can remake your character however you see fit, and use whatever mods you want, and just repeat steps 3-4... you'll never again have to play through growing up and escaping the vault.

Alternatively: there are a number of mods that override TTW's start script, and actually start you off in Doc Mitchell's house. Start a game with one such mod enabled, and save before walking over to the Vigor-Matic machine; then disable the mod and make a clean save there with only TTW active. 

If you do both of those things, you'll have a clean save in each wasteland, and you'll be able to use either one to begin a new character. 

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Being able to start in either

Post by Pathlessbullet » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:47 am

Being able to start in either would be the most ideal, but what I really want is the station between the two wastelands to be an optional install. 


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Pathlessbullet wrote:

Post by Risewild » Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:38 am



Being able to start in either would be the most ideal, but what I really want is the station between the two wastelands to be an optional install. 



How would you be able to travel between both wastelands without a station? Are you thinking about something like the magic sewer drain from RFCW? frown Sorry I am just a curious person and like to hear new ideas about stuff. cheeky

Well I am fairly sure that the station will always be vanilla TTW, but the team wants to make other ways to be able to travel between them too laugh, for example using the spaceship after finishing the Mothership Zeta DLC is one of them, also there is some mods that Thermador made that allows to travel in other ways, like his transportalponder or something upgrade from the Old World Blues DLC or using a Vertibird too.

Also there were some talks about making stops along the way while using the train in the future, so the train station would be essential for that too wink and not to mention all the work that people like Chucksteel and TrickyVein put into the stations, also other people like Sesom made a thing about the train that will be awesome once it is complete and implemented too laugh and I am sure I am forgetting other people's work too blush. The train stations and all that it will include is like the big mark from the TTW team into the TTW world, it's new content that is lore friendly, balanced, well made and even with original models and textures, making it in an optional file would be like having a bill without the president face on it or whatever people that read this have on their bills wink I have no idea since I live in the middle of kangaroos and our currency is gum tree leaves and koala droppings cheeky ahahahah!

Also saying again that in the future the plan is to be able to start in either wasteland, it is restricted now because of bug finding, proof-play, and being easier for the team to continue working on TTW, it's an Alpha release in case people forget cheeky I know I do sometimes yes.


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Just as a dude who started

Post by genius384 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:45 am

Just as a dude who started getting into TTW this weekend, I would love to see the option to start in New Vegas.  Ideally, I'd like to only have one Fallout installation on my computer that let me enjoy either game whenever I wanted.

Just my two cents.  Great project, keep up the great work.

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I honestly don't care which

Post by rylasasin » Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:42 pm

I honestly don't care which it starts in (choice would be nice but whatever) just so long as the NV/FO3 intro quest completion script requirement issue I mentioned gets fixed.

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You know... I just happened

Post by rylasasin » Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:22 pm

You know... I just happened to be digging around in my docs folder and I came across a small collection of ideas for FO3 dialogues concerning a New Vegas Start. (I created this back in the RFCW days.) It would either require voiceless dialogue or a lot of audio splicing. I never finished it, but here's what I have.

[collapsed title=Stuff]Starting Main quest:

Essentially, the Vault 101 character (we'll call him the same name that Three dog calls you if you're a V101 character: 101) that would have been the player is dead by the time you get there, but still has the same story. Essentially, it'll be up to you to continue where you left off.

- His corpse may show up eventually, in some random location. He will still have his vault suit on, and will have only a 10mm, some 10mm ammo, and his pipboy. Once you "loot" the "pipboy" (a note, actually), a messagebox pops up that tells you that you can't remove it. However, you are able to operate it, and you copy the files contained on it to your own.

- You can ask around Megaton to learn about Vault 101 

Lucas Sims:

Greeting: If you're wearing an Mojave Faction uniform (NCR, Legion, Kings, Boomers, Mojave Vault, Followers, Great Khans, Enclave Remnants (maybe), Chairmen, Omertas, White Glove society, Powder Gangers, Etc) He will say "Well I'll be damned. I can't say I've seen clothes like that before...."

Instead of: "I'm looking for my dad." You can either ask "I'm looking for someone named James." (if you've learned of james either from the corpse of 101 or elsewhere) Or "Anything Interesting happen lately?" (If you have not learned of James)

"I'm looking for someone named James." <- 'Another one asking about that man? That guy seems to be getting really popular around here for some reason. I dunno what all the recent fuss is about him, and personally I don't care. If you're really bent on finding the man, the best I offer you is the same advice I gave the last guy: Your best bet is to go to spend some time up in the saloon, talk to moriarty. But watch yourself, that man is not to be trusted.' (New Topic): "Tell me about the last guy"  

"Anything Interesting happen around here lately?" <- 'Not really. Things have been rather quiet since that last guy from Vault 101 came here. Well, as quiet as quiet goes in this wasteland anyway.' (New Topic): "Tell me about the last guy"

"Tell me about the last guy" <= Ah yes. Young kid, Fresh out of Vault 101. He came here looking for his dad. I didn't have anything for him though, so I told him to go talk to Moriarty. He must have gotten what he wanted, because he left in quite a hurry, and that was the last anyone's ever seen the guy."   New Topic: "I found him. He's dead"

(If you found him) "I found him. He's dead." <= 'Well that explains it then. Poor bastard. But that's what happens. This Wasteland will eat you right up if you're not careful. Still not sure why you'd want to go looking for his dad, but like I said, go talk to Moriarty.'

Colin Moriarty: (instead of saying "Oh my god it's you the little baby boy blah blah blah) He basically says he's never seen you before  and asks where you're from. And instead of "Your dad" he just says "James.") 

Threedog: All instances of "That Boy/Girl/Kid from vault 101" replaced with "That Boy/Girl/Kid from out west"

Moria Brown: 

Greeting: "
Heeeeey, you're the Courier from Vegas! We've haven't had anyone from that far away here in... well, ever! Glad to meet you! I'm Moria Brown. I run Craterside supply, but what I really do is tinkering and research. Say, I'm working on Another book about the wasteland. Since the last one went so well. Or so I'm told. And It'd be great to have the forward by a Vegas Dweller, especially since I hear my last one's quite popular over there." (This is the way I justify there already being a "Wasteland Survival Guide" out in the Mojave while still being able to do the quest that makes it: what Moria is making you do is make Wasteland Survial Guide Vol. 2)  

"Sure I got plenty to say about life in New Vegas" <- 'Great! ... Wait, it's called New Vegas now? What happened to old Vegas? ... Ah well, I'm getting off track. Anyway, what's life in New Vegas like?  

"It's a complete paradise compared to here! We have laws, stability, and a pretty decent living over there." <= 'Wow, Civilizations pretty much come back over there? Sounds like we have a lot of catching up to do!'  

"We Don't have raider problems or super mutant problems there. Instead, we have a war between two major Powers and junkies with energy weapons." <= 'Huh. So no matter where you go, it seems there's always some sort of problem somewhere.'  

"I come as an Ambassador from the great nation of the New
Californa Republic! We WILL bring democracy and rule of law to this land!" (NCR reputation Liked) <- Oh my! Well I guess we'd better be ready for the next election season, huh?

"All you need to know is that through mine the eyes of Mighty Caesar have spread across this land. And whatever he sees, he conquers." (Legion Reputation Liked) <- Oh dear, that doesn't sound nice at all. Oh well, hopefully it'll mean less raiders and
supermutants at the very least.  

"It's boring over there. Why do you think I came here to this
shithole, anyway?" <- Wow, it's got to be reaaaaallly boring over there if you'd want to come HERE for a good time.  

James: Instead of his usual dialogue, he thanks you for saving him from that crazy simulation, then asks who you are and why you went looking for him. You can inform him about his son.[/collapsed] 

Like I said, I found it by chance when I was clearing my documents folder (where I keep lots of misc ideas like this) and thought I'd post it here anyway. If anyone wants to continue or wants me to continue it, say so. Otherwise that's fine. 

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Pathlessbullet wrote:Being

Post by TJ » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:06 pm

[quote=Pathlessbullet]Being able to start in either would be the most ideal, but what I really want is the station between the two wastelands to be an optional install. [/quote]

The underlying transit code handles alot of things besides just switching wastelands, and is required for things to work properly. You could however create a patch that re-enables the boarded up doors.

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I know the post was to get

Post by paragonskeep » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:26 pm

I know the post was to get feedback for the TTW team. So my 2 cents. Start in Vault 101 and go linear with the Lone Wanderer becoming the courier and then people can mod alternate starts including starting in NV.

There is a massive amount that goes into modding and I can't imagine the amount that has gone into this. But I am very appreciative of it. Are there downsides to either start sure. I used to be very impatient with getting to Broken Steel missions, but there are mods for that, or as has been mentioned I could make my own.

IDEALLY in my mind would be a mission tree that would allow me to play any mission at any time. This isn't feasible or even alittle realistic.

I guess my point is go with the start that makes sense, people can add alternate start mods (or make them) as they see fit and don't worry about pleasing everyone because that's an impossible goal.

Again guys great work. Love it. Very much appreciate ALL the work. And a huge thank you to the entire team.

Vote: Vault 101

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walrus2517 wrote:

Post by CourierSix » Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:14 pm


I think Dandys put it best. Is the primary intent of TTW to combine the two stories into a single game or simply combine the two games and let the player work out the details? I'd prefer to see the team focus on combining the two into a linear story then let people on the side work out an alt-start mod for an NV start.


I agree completely with this. I think doing anything else makes FO3 look like a side-adventure for the courier, rather than making the two games into one game.




I'm glad we understand one another.

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chucksteel wrote:

Post by freakydoo » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:12 pm



just get a little frustrated we know people want a FNV start, they want to use Alt start mods! We are headding in that direction but, if we don't do one thing at a time then things will mess up and, people will complain that this or that doesn't work. 

Edit: Likely when we start working on the NV side we will close off the FO3 start for a time. Betting we will have people bitching that they can't start in Vault 101. 


ultimately this mod should be made like most mods... the way the modder wants it, your never going to make everyone happy and many have no clue what goes into modding , myself included. so it's a decision that should be left to the core ttw team with player input taken into account but not catered to. what your doing here is amazingly awesome! and yes i have many ideas, i dont expect to see all my ideas come to life cause in the end this is your project. that's the great thing about great projects, it inspires people and gets them excited. when that happens they naturally want to express those ideas to anyone who will listen.

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