What does the future have in store for TTW?

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We will not be adding

Post by Risewild » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:45 pm

We will not be adding features from Fallout 4 or that do not exist in some way in FO3 or FNV.

Pretty much everything in this planned future has roots or works the same in either game mechanics that do not exist on the other game or it is made for balance/integration reasons.


@Vex, there are for quite a while, a couple of "quick loot" mods for FNV I recommend Gribbleshnibit8's Loot Menu. I don't know about any FO4 style VATS mod (don't even know if it is possible). The FO3 main menu and music will be in a future version.



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RoyBatty wrote:

Post by Yossarian » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:43 pm


To say that New Vegas is setup differently than Fallout 3 in this regard is complete and utter nonsense. They both make use of the leveled spawns and encounter zone systems. The DLC's are setup in almost the exact same way in both games. New Vegas makes less use of the encounter zones in the wasteland (which are setup by region) but it still makes use of them in many areas.


Leveled spawns make sense in most cases, but the consistency of an environment shouldn't be sacrificed for it.

Leveling a Death-Claw, Giant Radscorpion or Yai-Gui to Level 50 makes sense, because these creatures are general strong enemies and should be so at all levels.

It also makes sense to level NPCs, Ghouls or Super-Mutants, as having them as strong foes doesn't influence the consistency at all.

However, you shouldn't replace a gecko with a Radscorpion at L20. A Gecko should level until maybe Level 15 and be capped there, but if you replace him with another critter type, you change the entire environment of the region.

For example Geckos are resources. People hunt them for hide and meat. Nobody would hunt a Radscorpion. If now at L20 all Geckos suddenly become Radscorpions, the nearby towns can't survive anymore. Also, if every prey gets replaced by dangerous predators at some point, then the whole ecosystem would collapse.

There are many Open World Games such as Far Cry or all these MMORPGs, that just place predators on every corner to have proper loot and challenge, without questioning if this would hurt the authenticity of the world. I find it very hard to take such games serious.

I'm just suggesting not to throw all world consistency to the dump for the sake of balancing, if you plan to rework the entire level system of all TTW.

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RoyBatty wrote:

Post by FiftyTifty » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:44 pm


No that is exactly what is being asked for, the wasteland is setup with no level locking and it starts out with bloatflies and molerats and ends up with albino radscorpions and deathclaws. There are encounter zones that are set to stop at the level the player enters them, most of the downtown areas. However they are also leveled to spawn enemies around the players level with modifiers for normal, hard and boss enemies. Most of the areas are structured this way and so is most of New Vegas. Some areas in both wastelands are setup with static levels of creatures like The Deathclaw Sanctuary or Gypsum Trainyard. To say that New Vegas is setup differently than Fallout 3 in this regard is complete and utter nonsense. They both make use of the leveled spawns and encounter zone systems. The DLC's are setup in almost the exact same way in both games. New Vegas makes less use of the encounter zones in the wasteland (which are setup by region) but it still makes use of them in many areas.

This contributes to how boring and unchallenging New Vegas's wasteland is especially when you arrive at Doc Mitchell's at or above level 30, and that would be the point of such an optional. When you arrive at New Vegas after completing most or all of Fallout 3 you are level 50 and maxxed out, especially with all the OP mods people use that uncap level and give them perk per level and other ridiculously unbalanced things. Why even play the game if you just walk around one shotting everything, no, we're not going to cater to that play style at all. I don't find that fun, and I don't find ridiculously unbalanced and boring mods like Dust fun either.

I need a snickers...



Why would bloatflies, molerats and such have to be level 1? In my opinion, the game world should be leveled to 30, with stats having a minor effect on damage, and enemies given adjustments to fit in with the change. Deathclaws would have plenty of health and deal high damage, whilst bloatflies would deal some damage (rather than the none they currently do) to lightly armoured characters, and being dangerous in swarms. At the moment, bloatflies are utter trash whether they are in a swarm or not, and deathclaws are bullet sponges.

I toyed with such a mod a year or two back, and it was very fun; the world was threatening if you weren't prepared, and ants were the threat they were portrayed to be in the Vault 101 terminal. Took way too much testing, so I abandoned it. Been working on a Fallout 4 version, and so far so good.

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I think that some people are

Post by EnderDragonFire » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:22 pm

I think that some people are exaggerating the difference between FNV and Fallout 3, while others (mainly Roy) are denying that there is ANY difference between the two at all. The lack of encounter zones IS a meaningful difference between the two games. As Roy said, it is boring in Goodsprings when you are level 50; this is GOOD, and BY DESIGN. I don't want to face random, high level encounters except in the places Obsidian has already chose to put them. The difference between the way things are done might be minute, but it still changes the feel of the game world. 

I do think it would make an excellent optional file however; some people prefer constant challenge at all levels, in all places, at all times. I see no harm in allowing that option for maxed out players coming from DC to Vegas. 

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You're all making a lot of

Post by RoyBatty » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:03 am

You're all making a lot of assumptions about how I would go about this. I'm not going to put deathclaws in Goodsprings FFS. Those Gecko's might level to Golden Geckos or Green Geckos though.

The Radscorpions around Goodsprings change in such a manner.

I did not deny that New Vegas does make more use of set levels as a gating mechanism for entering some areas before the player should go there. Fallout 3 uses the same mechanism in many places, so no it's not any different, the difference is in how much it's used which I did acknowledge.

As I said, it's just a lack of knowledge on commenters part about how the systems work and how they are implemented, combined with a lot of conjecture the conclusions that I've seen are down right ridiculous.

So far MajinCry seems to understand exactly what the intention is. It merely expands upon the systems in place already to add extra levels to account for the differences in max level of the player and to keep things interesting for high level characters. If you chose a trait like Logan's Loophole you would almost certainly see very little change overall.


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I do understand. I never said

Post by EnderDragonFire » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:56 am

I never said anything about Deathclaws. In my opinion, being able to meet level Golden Geckos in places where there were normal Geckos before is not a good thing; however, it's not the end of the world. Many people will enjoy it, and the people who are exaggerating should stop being dramatic. I personally like being able to level above the enemies level cap; it feels awesome to run around at level 50 curb-stomping level 30 enemies. That said, many people find that boring and want to be challenged at high level. I say go for it, Roy! I am sure it will be popular and will make the game more balanced, if somewhat less immersive in some places (Golden Geckos only normally appear in irradiated areas, and Green Geckos are Zion natives. Fire Geckos would be better!). I can use mods to give myself a super strong power-trip character if I want that. TTW doesn't need to slavishly follow FNV in that area of gameplay; since its a much bigger game boredom is a bigger concern. 

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So what all are you guys

Post by darious24555 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:48 pm

So what all are you guys going to add to Wild Wasteland? A bunch of references like in NV?

And who will make the Unique Uniques?

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I actually understand how the

Post by ElectricaVulpes » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:11 pm

I actually understand how the spawing system works in both games, since I've made personal mods that have completely remade them. What they are talking about is, having most spawns stick to creatures that are similar to what they are at the beginning to what they are at the end without completely replacing them. Example: Normal geckos at lvl 1-25, add fire geckos with them at lvl 26-50. Regular ghouls at 1-25, add glowing & raver ghouls with them at lvl 26-50. Think of Runescape, no matter your level, you will find creatures and npcs that are either a higher or lower level to you depending on where you go. For another example: Persistent low level Deathclaws at Old Olney, and persistent high level Deathclaws at Dc Sanctuary. This is similar to how I prefer my game. I always take the time to do this when I install TTW (I am dumb and keep forgetting to upload the mod somewhere for safe keeping). Anyways, you guys are doing an amazing job with TTW so far, and no matter what you guys do, I will love it (unless I don't but then I will just change it in the Geck or NVEdit :p ).

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Sorry to indulge in the

Post by Delphi » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:24 pm

Sorry to indulge in the discussion, but I have another question which is also related to leveling.

What always annoyed me about reaching NV at a higher level was, that all speech checks are trivial at this point. I usually tried to circumvent this by slowing down leveling and reducing the number of skill points per level (thanks to PN).

Unfortunately I´m no expert at modding, but would it be possible to integrate something like leveling speech checks? For example instead of requiring a skill of 25 to pass a check, perhaps a script could change the required value by something like the following formula: (BASEVALUE 25 + PLAYERLEVEL * 1). I guess the question is, if something like this could be handled by a script or if this is outside the scope of what the game and NVSE provide.

I'm asking because I never found a mod that would do something this, since this is a problem pretty unique to TTW. Of course, if done, this should be optional.

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Damn, simply amazing how much

Post by Postal-Dude » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:25 pm

Damn, simply amazing how much you modders have accomplished already... Yep, good times ahead for FO3/FNV players. Frontier, New California, TTW 3.0. Can't await it.

At this point I stopped believing in a new Obsidian Fallout game. Doesn't look like Bethesda has any plans for this at all. Especially considering how they didn't outsource any games to other studios in ages. Shame. Not even sure if I should be hyped for a FO5 in many years. Not if they follow the FO4 road. No, sir. Bethesda really goes downhill. Creators Club is just another glorious example. Guess they only care about the cash now. Just like Valve. Horrible times for gamers.

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