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New GECK wiki (independent from Bethesda)

The TTW team has started our own GECK wiki, due to Bethesda ignoring repeated requests for years for greater access and not force us to complete potentially 4 captchas for a single page edit.

We have copied everything that is currently on the official Geck wiki, and our new one is where we and some other prominent authors (such as jazzisparis) will be maintaining updates going forward.

Link: http://geck.technodeep.net/index.php/Main_Page

Yes, the style is bare bones -- we're working on giving it a theme and a real logo, but the data is there. We might (don't hold me to this) also be able to add geck markdown added at a later time, which means syntax highlighting of scripts on the wiki...  

In the mean time: anyone can create an account, but to edit pages and contribute, you will need permission granted. This is not an automated process, one of us will need to grant you permission. This is the trade-off for no captcha. We need some way to keep the vandals and bots out still.

SO..... if you want edit access to the new wiki, drop a comment here, or message on the TTW discord. 

TTW Version Compatibility: 



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Great thing! Definitely will

Great thing! Definitely will switch to this one as info source.