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I finally did it! Give my first mod a try!

FO4Edit is a good program but it took me this long to make the mod cuz how am I supposed to know what any of this mumbo jumbo means? This program (FO4Edit) doesn't seem to have a guide explaining what certain phrases and keywords mean... This largely makes the program a trial by fire way of making mods.

Anyway, thanks to everyone here at Tale of Two Wastelands for inspiring me. You people Rock!

My Mod is called "Immersive Aquaboy" and I think you know where this is going... Now, when you look at Aquaboy in the perk tree, you won't want to instantly slap the mother of all who worked on Fallout 4.

It's Immersive Aquaboy!

TTW Version Compatibility: 



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Congrats on your first mod!!!

Congrats on your first mod!!!

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Now if only the icons were

Now if only the icons were not SWF files. I enjoy the flat PNG images.