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» What is Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW)?  Is it different from Requiem for the Capital Wasteland (RFCW)?

Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW) is a project that seeks to merge the content from the popular video game Fallout 3 into the more modern game engine of Fallout New Vegas so that both games can be played in the Fallout New Vegas engine.

Tale of Two Wastelands is the successor to the Requiem for the Capital Wasteland (RFCW) project.  Many of the team members are the same, and the goal is the same.  You can't download Requiem for the Capital Wasteland here (nor anywhere else really), and you won't find any discussion of it here.  At this point, Requiem for the Capital Wasteland is outdated anyway, as many improvements have been made in the latest version of Tale of Two Wastelands.


» What are the differences between TTW and the standalone games (Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas)?

Significant changes to Fallout 3:

  • TTW removes .32 caliber ammunition, as it is not present in Fallout New Vegas. (discussion)
    • The ".32 pistol" is changed to use .22 ammuntion.
    • The "hunting rifle" is changed to use .308 ammunition
  • TTW removes the shotgun shell ammunition, as Fallout New Vegas uses separate 12 gauge and 20 gauge ammunition. (discussion)
    • The "combat shotgun" now uses 20 gauge rounds (most military shotguns use 20 gauge).  The Fallout New Vegas "riot shotgun" still uses 12 gauge.
    • The "sawed off" and "double-barrel" shotguns now use 12 gauge rounds.
  • TTW distributes any Fallout New Vegas items that were not present in Fallout 3 throughout the Fallout 3 world, such as doctors bags. (discussion)
    • Some of these items are hand placed, some are on inventory lists for merchants and containers.
  • TTW makes some changes to leveled creatures such as super mutants and raiders, to be consistent with Fallout New Vegas. (discussion)
    • An optional patch is included with TTW versions 2.4 and up that overrides this behaviour, and makes super mutants easier to battle, more like the original Fallout 3.
  • TTW adds wild wasteland items to the Fallout 3 world, if you take the "wild wasteland" trait when you create your character. (discussion)
    • This is still a work in progress.  No spoilers.

Significant changes to Fallout New Vegas:

  • By default, the game starts in Fallout 3, in Vault 101.  (discussion)
    • There is an optional file included with TTW from versions 2.5 and up (or available separately) to give the user the choice of where to start.
    • This means that TTW is incompatible with any mods that change where the game starts.

For more information and discussion, please see the development forum.


» How do I travel between wastelands?

There is a picture guide here if you have trouble finding the stations.  (If you are still using TTW v2.2 or earlier, see old guide here.)

» How do I Install this Mod?

You can install a Tale of Two Wastelands mod using our handy installer that will build a .fomod file for you to install it easily, or you can use the manual install steps. Both these ways are described more in depth in the Alpha Download page here:


» Why do I have to patch the files myself?  Why can't I just download a fully patched version?

These additional steps are required as copy protection - it assures that you HAVE to own both games.

The easiest way to own both games and all of their expansion packs - if you don't own them already - is to buy Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition on STEAM.  You can also buy the expansion packs individually.

These games regularly go on sale on STEAM (as much as 75% off), so it may be worth waiting if you find that this is unaffordable at full retail prices.  However, even at full retail prices, the costs are not unreasonable, and the money helps support the development of future Fallout games.


» Is TTW available in other languages?

No, only the English language is currently supported, but the team is working very hard on universal language support.

You can halfway get non-english copies to work as described in this post for using TTW with other languages - if you do it right, you will get TTW with english sounds and about half of the text in your native language. You may be able to use Egg Translator to translate an English copy of TTW, and use that in conjunction with a non-English version of Fallout New Vegas, as described here.


» Can TTW be used with any version of FNV/FO3?

The short answer is no, it can't.

Any Pirate version of FNV and/or FO3 will not work, also censored versions of the games will not work due to differences between those censored versions and the "normal" ones even if the censored versions are in English. There is a patch on Nexus that makes the censored versions of the games become uncensored but even with that patch TTW will still not work (again because of differences with the censored versions, they are different even with the patch).



» Can I load a Fallout 3 save game with TTW?

No.  There are too many differences between TTW and Fallout 3 for this to ever work.


» What are the optional files for? What do they do? How do I use the TTWOptions?

The optional files (or TTW optional plugins) are files that go above what TTW is supposed to do and be, or they are future TTW features that are not really ready to be implemented yet and need work and testing.

So these are optional files that help a player customize their TTW experience.

As of 2.9.3a some optional files were added to a TTW MCM plugin called TTWOptions, they are:

  • Bobblehead Rebalance
  • More Cooking Items
  • Super Mutant Rebalance
  • XP Reduction

To be able to change these options ingame while playing, you will need to have a mod called The Mod Configuration Menu (also known as: MCM). There is a way of being able to change these options without the MCM mod, but it will require using FNVEdit, you can find the instructions here.


» HELP! I installed TTW and now I have no main menu, or the game crashes at startup!

These are issues with New Vegas in general, not TTW specifically.  For missing menus, read this thread.  For a full-blown crash at startup, or a crash before you get to the menus, read this thread.

If your menu worked before you installed TTW, and now it doesn't, and you haven't done anything else, it is most likely caused by TTW.  A third-party program used by the installer, BSAOpt, tends to create corrupt .bsa files on some computers, for some unlucky users, and there's not much we can do about it.  Fixing it is pretty easy though.

  1. Check your load order and make sure it matches what is shown on the Download Page
  2. Disable TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm in your mod manager.  Run the game.  See if you get a menu.
  3. If not, leave that ESM file disabled, and work your way up the load order (that is, disable Zeta.esm in your mod manager as well).  Run the game.  See if you get a menu.
  4. Repeat this process until you get a menu.  (example: you get a menu after you disabled ThePitt.esm)
  5. Then you need to re-run the TTW installer, using the same directories as before, and the installer will ask you if you want to rebuild the .bsa files.  Say no to each box, until you get to the .bsa files for the mod that was causing a problem (example: ThePitt - Main.bsa and ThePitt - Sounds.bsa).  These are the ones that you want to rebuild.
  6. Once the installer rebuilds the .bsa files that you need, copy them to your FNV data folder, overwriting the old ones (if you didn't choose your FNV folder as the install location already).
  7. Run the game and see if you get a menu.  If not, go back to step one and run through this process again.


» After traveling to New Vegas for the first time, white screen in Dr. Mitchell's House!

Usually this occurs because you used console movement (such as COC or COE) or some other form of non-supported movement to travel to NV from DC. Your first trip to NV must set a variety of variables and you must arrive at Doc's house to complete the NV character generation segment. If your first trip to NV does NOT take you directly to Doc's house you WILL suffer issues.

This can happen if you are still using TTW v2.6.3, and the optional TTW file "TTW_StartupMenu.esp" is enabled in your load order.  This file is for people that want to start TTW in the Mojave Desert instead of the Capital Wasteland, if you want to start TTW in Vault 101 then this file should be disabled.

If neither of these situations apply, and you still get a white screen after traveling to New Vegas for the first time, you have some kind of mod conflict.  The easiest way to solve this is to make a save just before you leave DC, and disable your mods in your load order, one at a time, until you figure out which mod is causing the white screen.


» HELP! I installed TTW and now the game crashes when I click "New Game"!

This is an issue with New Vegas in general, not TTW specifically.  First, make sure you are using FNV 4GB Patcher.


» HELP! I'm in a dark room instead of Vault 101 when I start a "New Game"!

Disable the TTW_StartupMenu.esp. This plugin is experimental and "use at your own risk". It was made for people who want to start TTW in FNV instead of Vault 101.


» HELP! I start a new game being buried and then waking up in Doc Mitchell's house instead of being born in Vault 101!

You need to make an edit to your .INI files so that you start the game properly.  This is normally done by the .fomod when it is installed but sometimes for some reason a manual edit is necessary:

  • The files you're looking for are C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Fallout.ini and C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\FalloutPrefs.ini
  • You may also want to make the changes in FalloutDefault.ini in the game folder as well, if you use the normal game launcher for some reason.  Using that launcher overwrites Fallout.ini with the values in FalloutDefault.ini every time it's run. 
  • Make these changes:
    • SCharGenQuest = 001FFFF8
    • sIntroMovie = (yes this one is blank on purpose, it needs to be blank)
    • bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
  • Mod Organizer: If you're using MO and want to add the .ini edits, open the ini editor inside Mod Organizer.


» HELP! I tried to install TTW using a FOMOD and Nexus Mod Manager gives the error: "object... has been disconnected or does not exist at the server"!

NMM is not well equipped to handle large FOMODs at the moment, including TTW. This error is caused by NMM taking too long to install a FOMOD, which could be caused by slow hard drives or not having enough RAM. We don't recommend using NMM anyway - use the updated FOMM, or use Mod Organizer.


» Why does FOMM freezes with the (Not Responding) status when installing TTW fomods and how do I fix it?

FOMM will become "(Not Responding)" and freeze for a while when installing the main TTW fomod, this is not an error or means that FOMM is broken, it is the normal behaviour of FOMM. Because the size of the fomod file is huge and FOMM needs to unpack and move several GB of data and this takes some time. Do not close FOMM until it finishes and loses the (Not Responding) status.

» Why does my game crash when I try to enter Tranquility Lane or Oasis? How do I fix it?

For some people the Speedtree data used in Oasis and Tranquility Lane causes issues. It has to do with some video cards and the fix can be found here.

» Some doors in the game have a red name when they shouldn't, I don't want to trespass so please help me fix it.

The red door names are not a bug, it is caused by how Fallout New Vegas deals with ownership which is different from how Fallout 3 did it, and that difference causes the red names. There is no way of fixing the color of the names.

We could make a workaround but it would be a lot of work for no gain and would also cause more problems than it would resolve (for real). Unless the door is locked there is no danger of trespassing or bad things happening because you use it when it is red so don't worry.

» When I click to download a file, it opens a weird page full of letters and symbols instead of start the download.

It seems that for some reason a few browsers open .esp files like they were a text document instead of downloading it like they should.

This is a mystery for now but you can still download the file by right clicking on the link and choose the option: Save File As... or similar, and that should open the download window for you.

» Your FAQ is outdated, contain wrong information, has spelling or grammar errors or other bad things!

Please if you find any outdated or wrong information, spelling or grammar errors or any other problem with the content of our FAQ please message any Administrator or Moderator, I would appreciate if you messaged me (Risewild) directly since most of the other members of the staff are usually busy with more important things.

Thank you for helping us making our FAQ better.

M O D S   A N D   M O D D I N G

» How do I install mods for Fallout New Vegas

Nexus user Gopher also made a great video tutorial series for installing mods in New Vegas.  It is very good material for the totally uninitiated.

Note that we cannot guarantee that all of the mods listed here are 100% compatible with TTW, but most of them should work just fine.

» Should I start a new game with a fully modded game?

No, you shouldn't.

Vault 101 start of Fallout 3 is very picky and a bit unstable due to so many things happening "behind the scenes" and mods break it frequently (even in vanilla Fallout 3). Due to that, it is not recommended to start a new game using mods unless they require to be enabled at game start (obviously) like for example TTWFixes.

You can then start installing your mods after you leave for the Capital Wasteland for the first time (once you leave the Vault 101 cave). Doing it this way will avoid a lot of problems and crashes.

So in short: Don't start a new game with mods installed unless they are required to be installed and enabled at game start.


» How do I use Fallout New Vegas mods with TTW?

Because TTW leaves the Fallout New Vegas files untouched, you can use almost any Fallout New Vegas mod with TTW.  There are a few exceptions:

  • DO NOT USE Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition (MMUE) or NVEC Bugfixes or Better Game Performance or Yukichigai Unofficial Patch (YUP) or other mods that are "bug fixes" or "unofficial patches" - they delete records from FalloutNV.esm that TTW needs
    • INSTEAD USE The TTW Official Bugfix Pack which contains an updated FO3 Unofficial Patch and YUP for FNV, all combined into one file.
      • Regarding those other bugfix packs:
        • MMUE: There will likely never be a compatibility patch for MMUE, due to reasons detailed here.  The upside is that no one really needs MMUE anyway.
        • NVEC: DO NOT USE. It is totally broken now, there is no working patches for it to work with TTW anymore.
        • YUP: Not compatible anymore, since Yukichigai stopped working on it.
  • DO NOT USE TTW Unofficial Patch Mod
    • It will break your game
  • DO NOT USE Real Smokes Mod
    • It edits child hairs that cause Tranquility Lane to CTD.
  • DO NOT USE Zan's Autopurge Mod
  • DO NOT USE Monster Mod Mod
  • DO NOT USE TTW Performance Mod
  • DO NOT USE IWS-Increased Wastelands Spawns Mod
    • These last three mods mentioned have been proven times and times again to cause many crashing problems with TTW.
  • DO NOT USE The 'Official' Pip-boy Readius mod.  It will break the game when you enter simulation chambers in Tranquility Lane and Operation Anchorage.
    • The pipboy replacer mod Pip-Boy 2500A - The Arm Mounted Pipboy 2500 works fine.
    • You can use the mod A Familiar Friend, which is functionally similar to the Readius mod but you have to uninstall it  (follow the instructions) prior to entering the simulation chambers, and then reinstall later.
      • IMPORTANT: Do not install A Familiar Friend UNTIL AFTER VAULT 101.  Because the game gives you your first pip-boy at age 10 during the tutorial/character generation sequence, you need to wait until after that is over to install AFF.
      • IMPORTANT: If you use A Familiar Friend,  YOU MUST UNINSTALL IT before you start Tranquility Lane or Operation Anchorage, and then re-install it after you exit the simulation chamber.  Otherwise your Pip-Boy will not work properly when you exit those parts of the game.
  • Make sure you are using the latest bugfix for Willow.  If you are using Willow - A Better Companion Experience, available at the Nexus. If not, expect issues when traveling to New Vegas for the first time.
  • Fallout Who Vegas will break the Capital Wasteland companions. No patch available yet.
  • CUSTOM RACE MODS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.  There is currently no compatibility patch for custom races, and if you use a custom race, you may experience bugs in character generation.  This is because in Fallout 3, your character starts as a child, and most custom races do not come with an associated "child race".  For more on this and how to fix your custom race, see this thread.
  • If you do use a lot of mods, please disable them before reporting a bug in TTW to confirm that the bug is not caused by one of your mods.
  • FNV 4GB Patcher is highly recommended - to allow the game to use more system memory to lower the liklihood of memory-related crashes.  This isn't absolutely required unless you are using texture replacers.  High-res textures will show up as solid black if the game is running out of memory - so if you are seeing any black textures, you definitely need this mod. The GOG.com versions are already 4GB enabled by default, so if your games are from GOG.com, you should skip this patcher.
  • JSawyer Mod is a mod made by Joshua Sawyer, the Lead Designer and Project Manager of Fallout New Vegas. If you want to experience the game the way he envisioned it you can download the mod from his blog here.
  • There is a mod called JSawyer Ultimate Edition, but that mod is not made or endorsed by J. Sawyer himself. This mod is not compatible with TTW, so don't use it. Also don't ask the TTW team to make a patch or make it compatible, since the author removed compatibility himself.

If you are curious about a specific mod's compatibility with TTW, please continue reading, or search the site.


» Are there TTW-specific mods and compatibility patches?

Yes, absolutely!  Check the TTW Mod Releases Forum and the TTW Mod Conversions Forum for the most current information.  Here are a few popular links to get you started:


» How do I use Fallout 3 mods with TTW?

See the first post in this thread for instructions on converting Fallout 3 mods to work with TTW version 2.0a and later versions.  Note that the conversion process is not always flawless and may need further work.  To fix problems you may need to learn more about modding.

There is now a forum thread that covers the mod conversion process (it also includes a youtube video on how to do it), created by TTW Team Member RoyBatty.

NOTE: Many popular Fallout 3 mods have already been converted. 

There are several popular Fallout 3 mods that are very complex and difficult to convert.  For more information, please read these threads:


» How do I use body and armor replacers with TTW?

For bodies and armors, you can get all of the FO3 armors working with body replacers quite nicely.  What you need are body replacers that are available for both games.  Many people use Type 3 for female and Breeze's for male, since those are the most widely supported.  However, the process is the same if you use other replacers. 

  • The basic process: install the Fallout 3 versions of the bodies, including clothing and armor, but only install the meshes and textures folders.  Then install the Fallout: NV bodies, clothing and armor normally, overwriting any conflicts.

You should use FOMM to install this stuff - just create new folders for the meshes and texture packs that you put together, then extract everything you want to use to those folders.  (That way you only have to build these files once, even if you reinstall the game.)  Then in FOMM's package manager choose "Create from folder" so that you can add your mod for Fallout New Vegas.  If you are unfamiliar with installing mods, watch these videos to get started.

FO3 clothes and armors: Extract and install the meshes and textures folders ONLY:

  1. Install all of the FO3 Type 3 armors and clothes (there are a bunch of patches too).
  2. Install any other FO3 Type 3 replacers: Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta and The Pitt; also any other replacers such as Leather armors and Business suits, for example.

FNV clothes and armors: Install these normally.  Make sure to OVERWRITE ALL when installing these.

  1. Install the FNV version of the Type 3 body replacer using FOMM.
  2. Install the Type 3 armor (includes clothes) (get the "armor only" version, don't forget the patches).
  3. Install the Type 3 outfits for the expansions: Dead Money and Old World Blues and Lonesome Road and Honest Hearts
  4. Install any other Type 3 armor and clothing replacements: Business suits, Leather armors, Freelancer Clothes, Sexy Sleepwear, Tribal Armor or anything else.

For males, it's the same idea, but a little less work:

  1. Install all of the FO3 Breeze's armors and clothes in your FNV folder (there are a bunch of patches too).  Extract and install the meshes and textures folders only.  DON'T install the whole mod in FOMM.
  2. Install all of the FNV Breezes files, including the body replacer and all of the patches for the expansion packs.  Install the whole mod (not just meshes and textures) with FOMM.  Make sure to OVERWRITE ALL.


» How do I install texture packs for both games?

Because texture packs typically don't come with any .esp or .esm files, they are easy to use - just install them normally.  We recommend installing FO3 texture packs first, and then overwriting them with any FNV texture packs.

For a cohesive feel, we recommend using NMC's texture packs. First install NMC's textures for Fallout 3, and then installing NMC's textures for Fallout New Vegas afterward, overwriting any conflicts.  Make sure you are using FNV 4GB Patcher, as these higher-resolution textures require more memory.  Once you are done installing both, use FOMM or NMM to toggle Archive Invalidation on/off/on again.

If you really want to clean up the two NMC's texture packs for flawless presentation, see RoyBatty's guide and scripts here.

NOTE ON TREES: if you install NMC's texture pack for FO3, or Vurt's Flora for FO3, you may see duplicates of some of the trees, as shown in this post.  Please see this thread for fixing this issue, particularly this post.


» How do I use weather and lighting mods with TTW?

There are several popular weather and lighting mods that cover both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These mods are not always easy to use with TTW, and can cause "blackout" weather if not properly converted.

  • Fellout (FNV Mod | FO3 Mod): this mod has been converted and merged for TTW by forum user Orik.  See this thread and also this post for an updated .esp file.  Fellout creates darker nights, better-looking and more realistic skies, and better-looking water.  Due to the darker nights, Fellout works well with Flashlight NVSE and Street Lights (below).
  • Street Lights for TTW: this mod has been converted by forum user tjmidnight420.  See this thread.  This mod combines Street Lights for FO3 with Simple Streetlights for New Vegas, all in one file!
  • Nevada Skies (FNV Mod): this mod has been converted by forum user Yossarian. See this thread (do not forget to get the fix for the citadel problem here).
  • Enhanced Weather (FO3 Mod): this mod has been converted by forum user theimmersion; see this thread for details.
  • Project Reality (FNV Mod | FO3 Mod): this mod can work with TTW (using only the FNV version), but various problems have been reported although some people report that it works fine.
  • Realistic Wasteland Lighting (FNV Mod | FO3 Mod): this mod has been converted by TTW Team Member RoyBatty; see this thread for details.
  • Ultra Realistic Wasteland Lighting (FNV Mod | FO3 Mod): this mod has been converted by it's creator Marcurios; see this thread for details


» Anything I need to know about using companions and TTW?

First off, all of the vanilla Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 companions are working fine, and the Fallout 3 companions have a fully-functional companion wheel.  A plugin to disable the Karma requirements for the Fallout 3 companions is provided with TTW.  Further, popular mods for TTW to allow unlimited companions and to make the companions essential are available. 

New companions (added by mods) for Fallout New Vegas should work fine in TTW, although you will have to travel to the Mojave to recruit them.

For Fallout 3 companion mods, several have already been converted, including Sydney, Amata, Lucy West, and Brisa Amodovar.  For the latest updates, check the mods forum.  New companions added by mods typically do not count against the game's vanilla companion limit.


» What about leveling?  Won't I reach level 50 in one game, and be bored with the second game?

This is a serious consideration when using TTW, and there has been much discussion.  There are several ways to solve this problem:

  1. Recommended option: Use the XP reduction plugin (included with TTW), which slowly increases the amount of experience required to attain the next level.  The first few levels go quickly like the normal game, but the higher you go, the slower leveling becomes.  With this mod, by level 50, you will have accumulated as much experience as it would normally take to get to level 50 twice.  This is the most straightforward way to play if you plan to play both games entirely through with one character.  This mod is actively maintained as part of TTW.
  2. Recommended option: Use Practice Makes Perfect to change the leveling system entirely.  PMP makes it possible to level up through the actual use of the skills you are going to improve, and also increases the level cap past 50 and skills caps past 100, introduces new skills, etc.  This mod is fully compatible with TTW and Project Nevada.  This mod is actively developed and maintained as of Sept. 2013.
  3. Use Max Level Adjustment and LevelUpNoLock and Boosted Skill Effects together (they are designed to be used together).  Max level adjustment raises the level cap, while LevelUpNoLock unlocks the levelup screen after level 50, and Boosted Skill Effects gives you benefits to having a skill at a level above 100.  These are reported to work fine with TTW.  Last updated in 2010/2011, no longer in development.
  4. Use Unlimited Leveling to keep leveling up past level 50.  This mod basically keeps you at level 49 forever (technically), but you get the benefits of increasing a level each time, so your effective level is higher.  You can raise the maximum number of points for skills too, but there are no added benefits to having the higher skill levels.  Last updated Feb. 2013, no longer in development.
  5. Use Project Nevada mod.  This mod has an option that removes the level 50 cap and allows you to level up past that. You can also use the Project Nevada mod configuration settings to adjust the rate at which experience is rewarded, similar to the TTW XP Reduction plugin, but it allows for in-game adjustment.
  6. Use XFO-FNV to rebalance the game.  This mod allows leveling past 50, and introduces new skills, but also dramatically rebalances the game depending on what options you choose when installing it.  Last updated Feb. 2011, no longer in development.


» How do I get started making my own mods and helping with TTW?

First, you will want a fresh install of New Vegas and all the default expansion packs (i.e. install New Vegas Ultimate Edition).  Configure your video card settings, and run the game once.  Next you'll need to install some modding tools.

First, get Fallout Mod Manager - Fork (FOMM) and install it (if you haven't already got it on your computer).  This will allow you to sort your mod list, manage mods, and give you some great modding tools like BSA browser, all built in.

Next, you will want to download the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) for New Vegas (direct link to file) and install it. 

Next, you'll want to download NVSE and get it installed.

Next, you may want the most recent GECK PowerUp, an add-on for the GECK.  Install the file, and follow the instructions so that you are launching the GECK with NVSE. To load the GECK through NVSE, create a new shortcut to nvse-loader.exe and edit the shortcut (right click properties) and add "-editor" on the end of the target, so it reads: ...nvse-loader.exe" -editor

NOTE: If you load TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm with the GECK PowerUp, you will need to clean the .esm later (or, back it up before hand and restore the original).  If you didn't back it up first, instructions for cleaning the TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm file with FNVedit are available here.

GECK and Multiple Masters:

-To make the GECK load TTW you will need to enable it to load multiple masters. To do this find your "GECKCustom.ini" (usually found in "Documents\My Games\FalloutNV") and change the line "bAllowMultipleMasterLoads" from 0 to 1.

Finally, you'll want to get FNVedit.  The newest version works fine with the current build of TTW.  If you haven't updated FNVedit in a while, get the latest version available.

If you plan on working on Fallout 3 mods as well (for example, viewing them in their original format without loading them into the Fallout: New Vegas version of the GECK), you'll want to install the Fallout 3 version of the GECK including the update patch.  You also will probably want the EFO3 GECK PowerUp. You can download FO3edit, or you can copy and paste your FNVedit files into your FO3 folder and rename the exe to "FO3edit.exe" - the program is the same, it just loads differently depending on how the EXE is named.

Side note: Scripting Tips

If you get heavily into scripting, there are several external editors available if you don't want to edit scripts directly in the GECK: a standalone editor, a Notepad++ plugin, and a Vim plugin.

The best option is probably Gribbleshnibit8's updated Notepad++ Plugin combined with the free text editor Notepad++.  Once that's installed, go to the language menu and down at the bottom there is an option for "Define your language". Click that, and a new window will pop up with a bunch of tabs and other options. Ignore all that and find the button that says "Import".  Click it and it'll open a dialog, and you just point it at the syntax file Notepadd++ Plugin XML file and that's it. It'll add a new language option to that menu below the "Define your language" option that says GECK NV Script. When you load a file and then select that language it'll apply syntax highlighting to it.  If you save script files, save them with the extension ".gekv", and Notepad++ will recognize the file and apply the proper Syntax highlighting.

If you're scripting with NVSE, or converting FOSE scripts, you may be interested in Gribbleshnibit8's NVSE Command List as well as the original FOSE Command List.  You will also want to load the GECK with NVSE, as described above.

Now before you do ANYTHING else, make a full copy of your entire Fallout: New Vegas directory as a backup.  That way, if you want to start over with a fresh installation, you can just delete the contents of your New Vegas folder (not the folder itself) and copy the clean installation (with modding tools) back into the directory.

It's also very helpful when modding to have shortcuts to frequently-used programs.  For example, I have FOMM, the GECK, FNVedit, Notepad++, and Firefox all pinned to my taskbar in Windows 7 for quick access, which makes work more efficient.

Finally, you may want to edit the .exe files for the GECK and for FOMM to make them Large Address Aware.  This is only useful if you are using a 64-bit operating system, and have more than 3GB of RAM.  However, if this is true, it's worth the effort for a faster, and more stable, GECK and FOMM.  For instructions on doing this, see this thread.

Now that you've got the tools set up, it's time for some tutorials.

The best one to start with is to walk through the My First Vault tutorial series the Bethesda made and any other links on that page, such as the GECK FAQ and the explanation of how the different Fallout data files work together.  It takes some time, but by the end of it you will have a very good working knowledge of the GECK.

There is another good tutorial document on the basics of the GECK on the Nexus.

Nexus user Gopher also made a great video tutorial series for New Vegas, but it mostly involves installing and using mods as opposed to creating them.  However, it is good material for the totally uninitiated, and the Part 5: FNVEdit tutorial is very relevant to creating mods.


» Should I merge the TTW optional plugins to save Load Order space?



» When I enter the Citadel it takes me to an empty place without anything except NPC's, what is wrong?

That happens because of the Mod Nevada Skies. The fix can be found here.


» I read everywhere that we should clean Skyrim core files (.esm & .esp), so by association I decided to do the same to my Fallout games, did I do the right thing?

I am sorry, but you did the wrong thing. Fallout is not Skyrim, and so not everything that works for one also works for the other, they don't even use the same game engine. If you clean the Fallout 3 and/or Fallout New Vegas and/or their DLC's you will break your game since you are removing things that are necessary things that fix things in other things and make things run properly .


» I have read people mentioning making a clean save, what is a "clean save" and how do I do one?

A real clean save is a save file made without using ANY mods, but usually when people say you need a clean save because of updating mods it means saving your game without a specific mod or mods.


Wombatz4Eva says:


"I have this mod I love called "Wombats of the Wasteland" and now a new version of it was released, it is an awesome mod so I want to update it. The instructions say I need a clean save before installing the update. I don't know what a clean save is so I will just delete the old mod and place the updated one in there instead, that will fix it." WRONG!

To make a Clean Save follow these easy steps:

  1. Run your game
  2. Save your game
  3. Quit your game
    1. These first three steps are unnecessary if you already have a safe file (of course)
  4. Open your Mod Manager
  5. Disable the particular mod you're updating
  6. Delete all the files from that mod that are still in your game Data folder
    1. Skip step 6 if the mod instructions say to leave those files there (of course)
  7. Run your game again
  8. Load your save you made in step 2
  9. Save your game again
    1. This Save file is the Clean Save
  10. Quit your game
  11. Install the updated mod
  12. Use your Mod Manager to enable the updated mod
  13. Load your game using your Clean Save made in step 9


» I read a lot about needing to post my Load Order or LO but I have no idea how to do it, please help.

A post was made on the forums addressing this issue, please follow this link:


» Is there any way for me to improve my TTW game performance?

Sure there is, Dead Sirious made a very good and handy guide for that and you can find it here:




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