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What are some mods I can install or settings I can adjust to make v2.9.4b more like v3.01

Hi, I'm looking for mods to install or settings to adjust to make the current release more similar to the upcoming release. I'm not worried about save compatibility or official support either, just something to help make the wait for 3.0 more bearable! Here's what I've done so far:

Installed TTW V2.9.4b and hotfixes

Installed the optionals TTWOptions, DC Reputation, Outcast Trading, Wild Wasteland, and Skill Based Speech Challenges

Installed (no longer supported) TTW Fixes 2.2.2 (including hotfixes)

Installed Point Lookout/Operation Anchorage Music

Installed the mods More Graves and More DC Harvesteables from this post

Installed Companion Overhaul Prerelease

Installed JIP LN and enabled the optional game patches

Followed the TTW Performance Guide (except NSVR where I'm on Windows 10)

What else can I do, are there any other dev mods released that have been integrated, or community mods that implement some similar functionality from 3.01? Thanks!

Also have the updated/patched optionals DC Reputation and Skill Based Speech Challenges (TTW_SpeechChecks.esp and TTW_Reputation.esp) been publicly released, or have they just been completely integrated into the upcoming TTW at this point? If so, what exactly are the major bugs that have been reported and how difficult would they be for a beginner modder to fix?

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